When I was younger, I enjoyed animes, cartoons and real live action shows. I used to run home after school to watch shows and I cried if I missed them. Sure, I had a VCR but I didn’t like them back then (might be dating myself…). I definitely did not envision that we would no longer need to rush to catch a show.

So imagine my surprise, years later, when Netflix brought back beloved shows. Netflix did a great job bringing back shows that the audience had a big connection to. An example of this is the show Friends. Friends was a big tv show hit and it appealed to many audiences. It was a no brainer why the streaming titan brought this show back. Easy marketing, easy numbers, and an easy way for people to watch the shows. However, there were more shows in the 90’s that I missed.

In the 90’s there were shows that showcased the struggles of the black community using the perspective of black actors. The shows had a lot of heart. I missed shows like Sister Sister, the Parkers, Moesha, etc. While we have current shows that try to portray the black community, to me some just can’t do it. A majority of the new shows are missing the magic.

For months during quarantine, I have looked for episodes of the old shows like the Parkers and Sister Sister. While home, I wanted to take my mind away from the pandemic and turn it to a nostalgic sensation – revisiting the shows that captured me previously. However, it is not easy to find them.

Cool Information about new Netflix shows below

However, Netflix has outdone itself in the upcoming shows that will come out soon. We have a line up of strong black leads that will be available at Netflix. Please see the list below:

  • Moesha – August 1st
  • The Game – August 15th
  • Sister Sister – September 1st
  • Girlfriends – September 11th
  • The Parkers – October 1st
  • Half & Half – October 15th
  • One on One – October 15th

Now I will have no problem finding my old favorites. I will be able to revisit shows that inspire self-confidence, female empowerment, friendship and circulate black issues. It will reignite a new generation, that has not been exposed to these types of shows, to feel their magic. Perhaps, we may even get a few new reboots. The resurgence of these old shows can only mean good things. So Netflix, well done.

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