Meaning of “WAP” song, Stream Cardi B & Mega Thee Stallion “WAP”

Everyone is excited about the newly released song WAP by Cardi B and Mega Thee Stallion. This comes after Cardi’s first track since 2019. However, Stallion has been buzzing her fans with her new album ‘SUGA.’

The song is about how both female want their men to please them. At the very end, people such as Normani and Rosalía came into the house. Don’t be surprised as Kylie Jenner also appeared in the song. Here is the “WAP” music video below.

Cardi has kept high on several collaborations with artists such as Bruno Mars, Post Malone, French Montana, and more. No doubt, this a hit! The same goes for Megan!

What does the “WAP” song meaning?

Before the track was released, in an interview, Cardi had given the acronym of what ‘WAP’ stands for. ‘WAP’ meanings ‘wet a*s p*ssy’. As the whole song connotes, it has sexual connotations.

Cardi said:

“The song is really nasty. The song always been nasty.” Then, she even admitted that the song was “really hard to clean up”.

‘WAP’ comes in an explicit and non-explicit version. I bet you’d watch the video over and over again!

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