They Can’t Breathe; Zimbabwe Lives Matters Struggles

In Zimbabwe, no one can breathe. A lot of people are worried about the Black Lives Matter movement overseas, failing to notice the injustice ravaging Zimbabweans. Zimbabwean lives matter too. Yes, it does.

Insecurity, corruption, economic mismanagement, and clueless government are all desecrating humanity in the land called Zimbabwe. It has reached the height where protesting, and other forms of human right demonstration are been met with violence. Contemporarily, anyone fighting for their lives and full right is punished. Is this what our humanity and human right stand for?

We have the police cracking down on protests and it protesters. Award-winning novelist Tsitsi Dangarembga was arrested for protesting0. The journalist Hopewell Chin’ono has been detained for blowing the whistle on a $60 million corruption scandal in June. Jacob Ngarivhume, leader of Transform Zimbabwe, is also in custody. More than 105,000 people are been targeted after joining protests and speaking out.

Majorly, corruption has eaten beyond imagination, the national fabric of Zimbabwe. It seems more like corruption as the order of the day. All this further puts Zimbabwe’s economy in jeopardy. Looters in Zimbabwe further cripples good living at the hands of citizens as the inflation rate rises to 750%.

Zimbabwean citizens are in danger. Institutions with the duty to protect are futile right now. Zimbabwe’s wheels of justice move slower than ever. Let’s all stand up for lives. Help them win against the injustice in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe lives matters!

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