Donald Trump; The Enemy Of The People?

U.S. President Donald Trump just tweeted that news agencies are the Enemy Of The People. Do you believe that?

I don’t believe that. Democracy has been the way for America. Its Democracy contains and operates on a free press. This absolutely gives no room for unfair and unjust news. The press will always and forever stay neutral. This has helped to spill truths to the citizens of America. The truth, I believe, is hurting Trump.

A free press can only be the ENEMY of the PEOPLE when it operates on a political agenda. Such currently doesn’t exist in the U.S. ‘When speeches condemn a free press, you are hearing the word of a tyrants‘ —Thomas Jefferson

For centuries, brave American leaders have tried to protect and save lives. They’ve protected the US Constitution. President Trump has led the Americans as a racist, and a dictator. He has played golf while over 155,000 lives dead. Who is the real enemy of the people?

Does trump show no concern to American soldiers targeted by the Russians? He is currently pushing for school reopening. Meanwhile, His son, Baron Trump isn’t going to school anytime soon. Is that how a leader leads a nation? On bias?

Trump and his administration have been against the people in many ways. Bill Barr, Chad Wolf, Stephen Miller, Jared Kushner, Mike Pence, Mike Pompeo are all the enemies of the people.

The truth about if the President is the enemy of the people or not will unfold on November 3. Let wait for it!

Politically Speaking

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