Humans Beyond Comprehension

Do you ever just sit down and wonder, “Golly gee humans are silly!” For every time you read the news or for every bad decision you choose, there will be always be humans beyond comprehension. Consider yourself stupid or smart, you at least try to do your part. You won’t create a teleportation machine, but at least your only worth isn’t your spleen. An average person lies within the spectrum, there will always be humans beyond comprehension.

Let’s say I’m Einstein or the greatest genius known to man, despite my intelligence and infinite wisdom, I could never fathom the idea of what people think. To me, maybe I prioritize logic. To them, maybe they prioritize emotions. It is more than just a battle of wits and brain, if it was wouldn’t that just be lame?

I do not consider myself dumb, but I do not consider myself smart. To me, I can’t comprehend the idea of people protesting COVID-19. It is an idea that makes no sense to me when facts are provided and lives are at stake. To them it’s not about the facts thrown at them, but rather the idea of being this stunning opposing force that stands up for something. Not standing up for what’s right, just something.

Now we’ve imagined from the top of the spectrum, and the average, what do we see from the bottom? Smart people realize what they don’t know. Dumb people think they know it all. People who actively believe COVID-19 isn’t dangerous. People who actively protest against it. Even more severely, people will harm others simply because they feel what they’re doing is right.

It. Is. Disgusting.

It is difficult to come to an understanding. People with facts have no reason to back down, but people with egos are the same way. As humans, we are desperate for popularity and pride, even if it means the endangerment of others. It is the same when a man assassinates his brother to the throne. These people are no different. Is what they are doing right? I’d say the facts point to no, but they have a reason to believe in what they do, even if that reason is questionable.

We lose more and more hope for our own people. Maybe it was from the day America elected Trump, or maybe it was when COVID-19 deaths spiked back up. Whatever it is, you know how people are. You know how people can be. To us, humans are beyond our comprehension. To them, humans are beyond their comprehension. Both sides don’t understand each other, but only one side doesn’t make sense. When opposing a side of facts, it is not about the battle of who is right or wrong, but it is the battle of who is the loudest. Especially when your side is not dependent on statistics, but just stating the opposite of what the facts say. No research is needed, I can see why people take the easy route.

What is the solution to ignorance? How can we stop the side so obsessed with self-importance from being a threat to others? We’re not quite sure either. Maybe it’s a lacking education system. Maybe we need better control of parents and who has kids. Maybe we should have stricter laws with this kind of stuff.

But in what they believe, there’s no reason to leave. Comprehension does not apply, only logic does not lie.

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