Prof who has predicted the past 9 presidential winners says Biden will win on Nov. 3

The history professor who has successfully predicted every presidential election for the past 40 years predicts that Donald Trump will lose the White House in November.

Professor Allan Lichtman, who correctly predicted Trump’s election in 2016, says Trump’s gone.

Lichtman is nine for his last nine, and he says Joe Biden will win the 2020 election.

The New York Times has a good, short video here:

Prof says Trump will lose
to former Vice President Joe Biden

There are no guarantees that Lichtman will be 10 for 10 after Nov. 3, but his track record is perfect so far, and his prediction, which is based on 13 factors, indicates a Biden victory.

A number of polls, meanwhile, also show a Biden victory, some by double digits.

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