“Russians Had Been Acting To Benefit President Trump” Flynn Knew and He Lied about it.

It no more a question after the former National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn’s lies was unveiled at the hearing on Wednesday. Flynn lied and cover the fact that the Russians had been a major aid to President Trump. Flynn further denied discussing American sanctions with Kislyak. Whereas, he did.

Micheal Flynn

“We had General Flynn engaging in discussions with the Russian ambassador that were essentially neutering the American sanctions, and that is a very curious thing to be doing particularly when the Russians had been acting to benefit President Trump,” Former Deputy Attorney General, Sally Yates said in the hearing on Wednesday.

“And then he is covering it up, he is lying about it.”

Sally Yates

Flynn who was a top foreign policy adviser during Trump’s campaign has become a national disgrace. He had formerly lied to the FBI. His deceit had made Trump, earlier, to fire him after misleading Vice President Mike Pence by denying he’d discussed sanctions with Kislyak.

However, General Flynn has taken a turned a new leaf. He has already pleaded guilty ‘Twice’ for lying to the FBI. However, with his guilt, and treason, the Justice Department moved to drop the case against Flynn on the grounds that his statements weren’t “material” to the Russian interference investigation in Trump’s previous Presidential election.

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