ExPatriots – Soldier Boys and Girls


By: Corey Lack


ExPatriots is Peter Clines’s second book in the ExHeroes series. This one introduces not only another potential group of allies, but also a very dangerous enemy. The second book has the survivors of the zombie plague, both the normal people and the heroes, continue to try and live their lives while resisting the near unending onslaught of ex-humans. Suddenly, what might be the last part of the American military shows up and offers to help them while requisitioning some of their resources, not least of which included the Cerberus armor. This isn’t just any military unit, though, it’s the members of Project Krypton, a top secret super soldier program with the leader of the unit being, I kid you not, Captain Freedom. Clearly, Clines lost all sense of subtlety when creating his characters by this point.


The great characters from the first book are still very apparent. Zzap especially steals a lot of scenes with his comedic and nerdy parts. Most of the characters, including the new enemy, are all very well developed. This is to such an extent that one might think they were reading a book about the Walking Dead or the Avengers than an original book. The quality in the characters alone makes the book worth writing. That said, there is a single character that doesn’t get the same amount of development as the rest and that is Freedom himself. He is mostly a placeholder for the leader of the unit and even throwaway characters in this same unit get more development than him.


The plot of the story, like the first one, but unlike in the first book, the events and people of the Mount take a backseat to the events of the army base. As a result, the characters of the Mount that aren’t heroes are barely seen in the book. That said, the plot twists that occur throughout the book are definitely entertaining and the action will keep you on the edge of your seat. I’d give this book 8 army drones out of 10.

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