Entertainment Can

In the new era, we’ve become more connected to the world than we ever could. Even then, we have become more disconnected because of it. The Internet could let us keep track of politics, games, and all sorts of useless things. While we had access to all this information and entertainment, I never sat down to just enjoy life for what it is. 

You might say, “But the Internet is part of life”. It is easier to stay relaxed and joyful when your next concern is a social media post or watching a 30 minute Let’s Play on Minecraft. I’d admit, it is far less anxiety inducing than submitting an application for a job or taking a test for my college class. We do need breaks now and then. 

But with access to so much information, my mind never gets a break. I’ve found it difficult to focus, even in meditation, when I’m thinking about a game I’m playing or a funny meme a friend sent to me. Even if it’s not intentional or deep thinking, it still clouds my thoughts from itself. It is but like an RPG where the enemies never stop to give you a break. 

>Farly’s Brain cast Power Blast, dealing 150304 damage!

>Stick Bug Meme defeated!

>Valorant Gameplay has appeared!
>Farly’s Brain casts Meditation, dealing 105305 damage!

>Valorant Gameplay defeated.

>Discord Message has appeared! 

There’s no time to absorb the rewards you are given. Even after a thought, there is no time to gather the experience or value it holds. It’s just one thought after another. 

It is an endless stream of things to think about. I recall when I was younger I’d often get lost in the thoughts of my head, but not from the vast amount of things I’ve seen on the internet. It was fantasy. I was curious how the clouds would move or how the moon would follow me. Curiosity is now short lived, with the ability to search up things at the ease of a few clicks. 

I’d find myself planning out days more. I’d think about the things I did and the things I will do. With the internet and technology, I become obsessed with things I can do. Can I play games? Can I message a friend on Discord? Can I browse Reddit? Can I watch YouTube? Can I watch a show on Hulu? Can I?

It is not about the cans of food that is given but the cans left after to remember. We can enjoy what we have now, but there is more joy when you reserve yourself to think about what you have, and think about what you have eaten. We live in a society where these cans of food is thrown at us, so we eat and eat. Eating makes us happy, but even then it soon becomes the norm. It becomes nothing more than breathing the air or walking with your legs. 

With so much entertainment, we wonder how people went on with their lives without a phone. When you’re stuck with your mind, giving your thoughts a chance, that’s the time to take a stance. It doesn’t have to be long, just don’t look at your phone, a few minutes without listening to songs.

You might laugh at a joke, or cry at a news story. But there is more life has to offer in all its glory. We might be nothing soon, so gaze up at the moon. Entertainment can keep you thinking, but the time we have will be shrinking.

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