Muppets Now (2020) – A Great Start

I’ll never hide my love for the Muppets. I just love them. If you want to know how much, then check out my review for The Muppets Movie . They are a brand built on wholesome humor that I absolutely love. So, it’s no surprise that when Disney announced a Muppet show would be coming to Disney+, I was pretty excited. I was originally going to watch the first two episodes and review them both but after watching the first, I loved it so much I had to immediately let everyone know how great it is. First of all, Muppets Now is a Disney+ original show staring the Muppets and is framed around the Muppets putting together a new show. From the first episode, it doesn’t seem to have a big over arching plot or some dramatic season long story line. But that’s OK. They’re the Muppets. They don’t need all that. They just need Fozzy to say “Woka Woka” or Miss Piggy to go “Hy-ah” and it’ll be great. Comedy is where they excel, and the first episode is very funny. The first episode is structured with a couple of individual show segments connected together by Scooter and Kermit racing to get the episode uploaded for streaming. These segments are simply delightful and are full of the Muppets humor that I personally love. The first segment is a beauty and life style show hosted by Miss Piggy, of course. Which has some fun cameos by Taye Diggs and Linda Cardellini. The next one is a Swedish Chef segment that is framed like a Food Network show. Which is again, delightful. I can’t help but smile when the Swedish Chef does his whole “bork bork bork” schtick. It’s great. There was also a great segment where Kermit teaches Walter the art of photobombing. Which is the perfect amount of silly and unexpected. The last segment was Kermit attempting to interview Ru Paul but keeps getting interrupted by the other Muppets. The fun of this segment is only elevated by how much fun it seems Ru Paul is having. But who wouldn’t be having fun while hanging out with the Muppets? My only complaint is that there was not enough Fozzy Bear and no Animal! But, It’s only the first episode, so I won’t hold it against them too much, The humor in the Muppets is just so wholesome and fun. I know I already said that but that doesn’t make it any less true. Its the perfect thing for families with young children to watch because it obviously family friendly but still has enough clever humor of adults enjoy as well. If you can watch any Muppets content without at least cracking a smile then I feel bad for you. If you have Disney+, I very highly recommend this show. Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to watch episode 2 now.

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