About Time (2013) – A Most Fantastic Emotional Rollercoaster

This isn’t a debate. I’m not looking for any counter-arguments. I’m pretty sure that objectively speaking, About Time (2013) is the best romance film. It’s certainly my favorite. It has a unique premise, all-star cast, charm coming out of every scene, and so much heart.

Now, I want to convince you to watch this wonderful film, but I don’t want to spoil it too much. So, forgive me if anything is too vague. I just want your viewing experience to be pure.

About Time is about a young man, who discovers that all the men in his family have the ability to travel back in time. He decides to use this new found ability to get himself a girlfriend. Most romance film are something along the lines of guy meets girl, guy and girl fall in love, guy loses girl, guy gets girl back. That format gets boring after five or so movies. This movie doesn’t exactly not have that plot but it’s the time travel twist that gives the format a breath of fresh air. It doesn’t deal with any time paradoxes or other plots that time travel films usually fall into. The time travel is used purely to expand and develop the romantic, comedic, and family elements of the film. Which is just delightful.

Let’s talk about this cast, shall we? It stars Domhnall Gleeson (General Hux in the Star Wars sequel trilogy/ Bill Weasley in Harry Potter, Rachal McAdams (Regina George in Mean Girls/ Allie in The Notebook), and Bill Nighy (Davy Jones in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise). It also features Margot Robbie before she really broke out in Hollywood. This cast is stacked with talent. If those names are not enough to get you on board. Just know, they all bring so much charm to the film.

This movie is so charming. But it also has so much heart in it as well. Gleeson is perfect as a bumbling love-struck young man is hilarious. Bill Nighy is great as the wise father giving guidance to Gleeson’s character. McAdams lights up the screen in every one of her scenes. The scenes where Mcadams and Gleeson are first meeting, there are several because of time travel shenanigans, are so funny and charming. Their chemistry is so strong. Its hilarious watching Gleeson try and fail several times to make a first impression but when they get it right, oh boy. You can feel burgeoning love between them. As they flirt over dinner. As they, do everything else for the first time that happens at the start of a relationship. That’s where the charm comes from. Watching this relationship flourish. Watching them fall in love. You know what? I’ll just link the trailer. I think the charm and the heart of this film bleed through the trailer.

Did you feel that? That’s called charm. And this trailer only showed a fraction of the charm in the full movie. As the trailer shows a little bit, its more then just a love story between a guy and a girl. But it is also a story about the relationship between a Dad and his son. Which is where a lot of heart and a lot of tear-jerking moments in the movie come from. Every scene between them you can feel the love between them. Without spoilers, they have several tear-jerking heart-to-hearts. This film does a great job balancing the tone of the film. You are laughing crying one moment and then just regular crying the next only to start laughing crying soon after that. It is the most fantastic emotional rollercoaster.

Also, before I finish up. The soundtrack is beautiful. Proof:

Its just, I love this film so much. When I need a pick me up, my go to is usually this movie and then Mamma Mia. It works to brighten my day every time. Its on Netflix in the U.S. Please do yourself a favor and watch it. I give it 10 out 10.

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