Some quick thoughts about Biden’s selection of Kamala Harris as his running mate

By Larry Johnson

Just some random thoughts about Joe Biden’s selection of U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris of California as his running mate.

— It’s time we had a female vice-president. President, too, but that’s obviously not going to happen in 2020. And we’ve never had a minority vice-president.

–This is one time when the Democratic Party’s progressives need to support a more moderate slate. Politics is a game of compromise, for one thing. But the big thing is, I don’t think America can live through another four years of Donald Trump. Some Bernie Bros are around social media today posting anti-Harris stuff, and, while I agree with many of their positions, this election isn’t about them. I think it COULD be about saving the country.

— I can’t wait to see Harris debate Mike Pence. There will be only one vice-presidential debate, in October, so Harris shouldn’t have to hold anything back. Her background is as a prosecutor, and she should prosecute the hell out of Donald Trump via Pence. That could be a mismatch.

— Will Pence want to be viewed as attacking a Black woman? I don’t think so. Will Harris want to be seen as attacking a white-haired Trump apologist? Sure.

— Harris has a reputation and a reality as an excellent fund-raiser. Trump will have plenty of money, and Harris may be able to help Biden raise funds from wealthy California donors.

— Will Harris’s record as a prosecutor hurt her with voters who aren’t too crazy about her full prosecution of minor drug crimes? My question is: Where are people concerned about overly-zealous prosecution of minor drug crimes going to go? Trump and Pence? Nope. And they should NOT stay home.

— Biden is 77. Harris is 55. She’s old enough to have some experience and young enough and enegetic enough to take over if she has to,

— I liked the fact that, during a debate, she nailed Biden for cooperating with segregationists. I didn’t like the moment’s staged quality, but I thought she made a valid point. I like the fact that she didn’t apologize to Biden late (at least not in public.) And, even more, I liked the fact that Biden didn’t hold it against her. Imagine Trump’s tweets if that had been him.

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