Every day I am studying quantum law, experimenting with my thoughts. Throughout my independent self-directed study, I am contemplating and familiarizing myself with concepts I am learning, clarifying how I am feeling about everything and everything possible. Today’s political news is historical. Former Vice President Joe Biden, presumptive nominee for the Democratic Party’s candidate for President selected Senator Kamala Harris, a woman of color for his running mate. Senator Harris, the first woman of color as a major party Vice Presidential pick, is seen as a formidable contender on the ticket.

Why describe this Vice Presidential pick in terms of the empowerment of happiness? Just the thought of such a selection is forward movement in this political experiment for creating this nation in the image and likeness of the founding fathers’ design of a true republic, generating a mix of the emotions of happiness. Such a pick brings the thought of diversity to new levels, well beyond anything ever seen or experienced before. I’m hyped for the potential of this powerful phase of this political experiment because of the new opportunities for unifying the nation. This part of the experiment inspires everyone to think in terms of possibilities.

Regardless of your political standing or leaning, this is a moment you are wondering about the possibilities, considering what is going to happen to you if this is the winning ticket. If your politics are strongly against the Democratic Party, or true diversity, the thought of a diverse Executive Branch at the very top might well generate feelings of stress, hopelessness, despair, or fear. However, with very strong inclusion politics this is a happy day of hopefulness. Nothing is going to happen to you. Remember who you are. You are a creating mechanism. Take a moment to realize this is what you called into the visible three dimensional world of effects. In this new way of thinking you have been calling for, you are developing an unfettered mind. Developing an unfettered mind, you are choosing thoughts from the realm of everything possible.

Let’s look at what is happening biologically. Wondering about how this is going to play out, you are engaging in possibility thinking, whether with elevated thoughts such as happiness, or stress thoughts such as fear of unhappiness. Either way, you are establishing new neurological networks in the brain, using the power of the mind to create your desires. Think about this matter of the thoughts you are using to create your desires much like ingredients for baking a cake. You are using either good feeling thoughts, or stress thoughts for arranging and rearranging contents of your consciousness. Your consciousness is the cake. What kind of cake are you baking.

The good feeling thoughts are your sweeteners and stress thoughts are toxins. Think for a moment how sweeteners and toxins are going to affect your cake. Is it going to be delicious, or is it going to kill you. If you are cultivating the practice of observing your thoughts, it is likely that you realize this is a new opportunity to allow correction of my fears and judgment. Remember, it is the fear, and stress and judgment that you are first projecting a perception on yourself, filling the body with toxins. Allowing correction, you are forgiving yourself because you know you are innocent. In your innocence, you realize you were in a state of fear, stress and judgment, and you are always free to leave that state.

Just to be clear, while watching interviews of different persons giving their responses to the news of this pick, I noticed the commentary was varied, with folks expressing both happiness and unhappiness. This includes reactions of people of color, even among millenniums. I find it interesting to hear one evening news host refer to the decision as an intergenerational marriage. The empowerment is in the happiness of inclusion of a battery of components, including life experiences of wealth and poverty, a traditional contender as an old white man and a much younger woman of Indian (Asian) and Jamaican ancestry who graduated from a historically black college and university. Both show compassion for the common man, generating happiness.

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