ExIsle – Exes at Sea


By: Corey Lack


Peter Clines’s fifth book in his exheroes series, ExIsle, takes the heroes once more out of the Mount. This time they are introduced to a new group of survivors that have been living on a floating city made from a number of boats locked together. It also introduces a new hero who isn’t all that he appears to be, especially not to the people that he is essentially ruling over. As a result, George and his friends find out pretty quick that the seabound surviving piece of civilization isn’t quite as civilized as it appears.


I really liked the introduction of a new group to the story and not making them either openly hostile or friendly. They were understandably suspicious when they first meet George and his allies, especially after all the lies that they were told for the many years after the exes took over. I like that the characters on the boats were hesitant at first but some started to consider George and his friends were telling the truth. I also liked how the ordinary people of the Mount also got more developed in this story. It showed that there is still a bit of hostility and distrust between the former gang members and the people of the Mount. Cerberus and Freedom’s subordinates from Project Krypton also get their individual plots and characters further developed. This development happens in the form of them having to deal with their individual problems rather than an actual, physical threat like they have to deal with most of the time.


My main issue with the story is that, like I mentioned in my review of the previous story, a new villain is introduced without further developing or settling the previous ones first. That said, it is still an interesting book and I’d recommend giving it a read. The twists and action certainly keep the reader on the edge of their seat and the characters are just as interesting as the first time they were introduced. I’d give this book seven broken exosuits out of ten.

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