Thinking about the dual nature of consciousness, I am considering the relationship and communication patterns of the two components of the mind, the conscious and subconscious. Each component of the mind has its own functions and is operating non-stop. You know, the mind is operating 24/7/365: every moment, constructing all my experiences. This is true for you also. This is true for everyone in the world, all the billions we know about, regardless of age, or mental sharpness, even those with the disease of Alzheimer and Dementia.

Each component of the mind has its own unique language. Thought is the language of the conscious mind, and feeling is the language of the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind reacts to the thought it receives from the conscious mind with circumstances that first appear as images in the mind’s eye, then in this space-time dimension. The two components of the mind process information at their unique rates. The conscious mind processes 2000 bits of information per second while the subconscious is processing 20 million environmental stimuli per second. Each is gathering information for its operations on your behalf.

While the conscious mind is framing assumptions, asking what it’s like being happiness, the subconscious is searching all through the internal and external environments. The internal environment contains with everything known and everything possible. The external environment contains everything known. The subconscious is looking for images of happiness in the internal environment and in the external environment, traditions of happiness, bringing these images and traditions up to the surface of consciousness for sustaining myself in circumstances and events I am creating. As I’m pondering this conversation between the conscious and subconscious, I’m feeling as though these are people inside me communicating. This feeling is the active use of my wonderful human imagination as my most prolific tool for constructing my experiences the way I want them to be.

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Establishing myself firmly in the vibratory state of happiness, I am considering things going on all around the world, especially this nation. The pandemic, the financial crises, the protests, incidents of police brutality, and the deployment of federal troops almost undercover into cities to curb the actions of groups exercising their first amendment rights are all cries for the change in attitude and beliefs. At the time I am writing this blog, I am listening to the first woman of color, who just ago was named the Vice Presidential nominee for a major political party in this nation talking about the change that is unfolding.

How could I be confident about unfolding change? While there is a mix on the happiness-unhappiness spectrum at this historical news, the dominant mood is that of happiness, changing the vibrational atmosphere of the nation and world from thoughts of a dismal future to greater possibilities. The sitting President has already started his attacks on the ticket, with his traditional disrespect for women, immigration and people of color. I want you to understand the vibration of happiness is a higher dimension than despair, driving the change. Happiness, generated by the thought of the unfolding change, is a derivative of love which calibrates at 500 MHz, A single thought of love offsets the impact of 750,000 thoughts of despair.

Momentum of happiness is building, creating new habits of thinking and feeling, to which the subconscious is reacting with circumstances representing the possibilities. Hearing the discussions of those showing their public reactions, I am hearing excitement in their voices as they are filling the environment with the energy of changing thoughts and beliefs, emotions and images of the future of this country. Thoughts expressed show they are imagining a future that differs from that people were talking about just two days ago. Don’t be surprised when you see the changes in your biology because of this vibrational tone set in this historical moment. Don’t be surprised when you see the biology of the nation and world because of this change in thought.

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