Big Brother 22 Episode 3 Spoilers

Tonight’s episode was ho-hum. No shake up, just living status quo Big Brother life. Let me give you the deets.

So last episode, we saw Keesha and Kevin nominated. Before the nominations, Kevin begged Cody not to do it but it didn’t save him from the block.

Well in this episode we see both Keesha and Kevin talk to Cody, asking him why they were nominated. Cody does a song and dance number, explaining that he doesn’t talk to any of them much so they were chosen. Cody mentions that he hopes he can work with them in the future. He didn’t mention anything about targeting old players. He said smart words but he doesn’t have a poker face, I think Keesha and Kevin both didn’t fully buy Cody’s offer to work together.

Well Keesha and Kevin have the opportunity to get out of danger through the power of veto. The people that play the veto game include, Cody, Enzo, Ian, Keesha, Kevin and Tyler. Lo and behold, we find out Enzo is the winner.

Kevin is super excited because he picked Enzo to play with him for the power of veto. However, in secret, Enzo is supporting Cody and kept the nominations the same. Enzo and Cody have a kinship due to their similar Italian background so they have a tight alliance now called the Room.

Sigh, I like Cody from his past performance with Derrick. Yet, he seems to be gunning for old school players such as Janelle and Kaysar. I don’t like that…because I’m rooting for Janelle and Kaysar to go far. What is a girl to do?

In the meantime we have compelling talks with the cast on topics such as autism and representation.

Ian explains to a few houseguests that he is on the spectrum. Nicole A explains that Ian has overcame so much and this diagnosis does not limit him. Seems like Ian has a fan.

Kaysar mentioned to some houseguests that he wanted to represent Middle Eastern people well when he played on Big Brother.

I think these are important issues that we as the audience, at least get exposed to hearing while watching this competition. Great job with the editing Big Brother – just please give some other people screen time like David, Danielle or Bayleigh.

Additionally, we have new alliances – Nicole F & Ian. They both are winners and decided that they could be targeted due to that…so it’s smart that they team up. We also have a black girl magic alliance with Bayleigh & Da’Vonne.

Anyway, let see who *cough* Keesha *cough* goes home tomorrow.

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