Donating Without Money: How To Let YouTube Pay For You!

It’s a hard time to be both socially-conscious and broke. As a 2020 college graduate, I completely understand the struggle of wanting to give money to the movements you believe in but not wanting to sacrifice your own funds, especially in the face of a global pandemic and withering healthcare. Thankfully, there’s a way to donate money without having to empty your wallet: YouTube videos.

Different organizations have set up videos loaded with advertisements. You may have seen them floating around the internet, especially when BLM was at its peak a few months ago. The concept is that if you let the YouTube video play and don’t skip any of the ads, the video creator will receive ad revenue and donate it to the charity they represent.

However, there are a few rules to follow to ensure that the videos aren’t flagged by YouTube’s algorithm. Here are some things to remember:

  1. Be sure your Adblocker is off. It’s easy to forget it’s there sometimes!
  2. Let all of the ads play. Don’t skip any of them.
  3. Let the video play in its entirety. You can play it in the background, but make sure you mute the tab, not the video itself. You can do this by right-clicking the tab where it appears at the top of your screen and clicking “mute site.” Remember that this is mute all of your YouTube tabs, so you’ll either need to stay off of YouTube for a while or use an incognito tab.
  4. Do NOT have the video on replay! If too many people do this, the video will be marked as spam and YouTube will take it down. Instead, play 2-3 more videos before clicking on the video again. It’s best if you vary the “buffer” videos that you choose.
  5. Do NOT play it in a playlist! This may also get the video flagged.
  6. Log out while you watch. This means that YouTube can’t track your view and will think you’re a new person each time you replay.
  7. Like and comment the video. This tells YouTube that this is a video people like to see and interact with, and they’ll boost it more! Be sure to like other people’s comments as well.

Fantastic! Now that you know how to make YouTube donate for you, here are some videos for you to stream:

On YouTube TREMG news

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