Firefly: Big Damn Hero – Yes, that’s the title

By: Corey Lack

firefly bdh

Firefly: Big Damn Hero is the first original story set in the Firefly universe and written by James Lovegrove. It takes place soon after episode twelve and focuses more on Zoe than the rest of the crew. The plot of the story is that Mal, after taking a job from the smuggler Badger, goes to see about a side job, only to be captured by an unknown group. As a result, the crew frantically tries to find their captain while the unstable cargo they got from Badger slowly becomes more unstable. The plot was interesting but if it had been an episode, it wouldn’t have been one of the better ones. Mal, one of my favorite of the characters, didn’t get a lot of screen time and, with the crew separated for most of the story, the reader doesn’t get a lot of the humorous dialogues that they would normally get.


The book had Joss Wheadon as the consulting editor and, as such, I wasn’t the least surprised when I found that the characters were written so like their television counterparts that I could literally hear the actors saying the lines. For those of you just catching up that means the characters were extremely well-written. The plot and the characters’ actions and dialogue all felt like they were taken straight from the television series. The story also developed Mal Reynolds’s character more than the television show had the chance to. The reader gets to find out more about Mal’s past prior to joining the Browncoats.


Beyond the interesting plot and the well-written characters, there isn’t much more to say about the book. It basically seemed like an episode from the television show in book form. While the plot could have been better, I still recommend this book, especially for my fellow fans of the Firefly show. I’d give it eight busy crates out of ten.

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