In the first book in my Everything Is Working Out For Me series, TRAINING FOR HAPPILY EVER AFTER, I announced, “Happiness is my priority”, setting a clear direction for my emotional journey. I set a new course for myself, and now a little over three years later, I am continually committing myself to happiness as my priority.

How could I make happiness my priority with everything going on in the world around me? Interestingly, by thought alone. What? Yes, I am committing myself to cultivate the practice of happiness by thought alone.

Having decided to be happy by thought alone, I had to change something about myself. Primarily, I am changing where I am looking for my happiness. Although I had always looked at things in the world I know to make me happy, I am cultivating the practice of looking at the world of possibilities for my happiness.

Where is the world of possibilities? The world of infinite possibilities is surrounding me in a different dimension. You see, the known world, referred to as the physical world is the three dimensional world of space and time. The world of possibilities exists in the fourth dimension and higher, the world of thought and beliefs, emotions and images. I am no longer relying on anything in this space-time dimension to make me happy.

The joy of looking for happiness in the world of thought and beliefs, emotions and images is in knowing it is always with me everywhere I am. I have but to focus in this invisible world. which I call my internal environment. I call it my subjective reality. I also call it my own wonderful human imagination. My world of Imagination where I am seeing everything through the mind’s eye.

Because happiness is my priority, I am looking throughout my inner world for thoughts that represent the happiness I want. I’m looking for thoughts that represent happiness as I want to be. I’m looking for thoughts that represent happiness as I want my life to be. Does this cover the bases? I’m talking about all-around happiness. Significant to my internal environment is the existence of everything known and everything possible from which to choose thoughts.

I have already proved to myself that I am always finding what I am looking for, so to look for happiness in the environment that contains everything known and everything possible is a self-fulfilling prophesy  Now this is not a one-time thing. In other words, I have to continually focus attention on thoughts of happiness.

With happiness as my priority, it’s about my personal commitment to persistently reach for thoughts that represent happiness while cultivating the practice of thinking these thoughts. Starting off, it’s much like priming the pump with just the word, “Happy! Happy! Happy!” It’s about thinking, “Happy” until I am generating the feelings from the inside, where I am seeing images in the mind’s eye of happiness.

I also prime the pump with the thought, “I am happy!” I am using the thought repeatedly to form the belief and to generate the feeling of happiness. Contemplating the thought, “I am happy”, I am framing an assumption with the conscious mind, impressing the subconscious mind so it reacts by producing a holographic image where I am reacting to something with happiness.

It does not matter what kind of mood I am in when priming the pump. What matters is that I am getting the happiness thought moving, and I am moving with it. Many folks resist this practice, often saying, “I feel like I am being untruthful when I say something I am not.”

I’m here to tell you what you are doing is psychological. You are using the power of the mind to change your life. You are framing an assumption that hardens into fact. You will see evidence of any assumptions, but there is one requirement. You have to persist in the assumption until you feel it is real to you, and you are feeling the sense of accomplishment.

The world of advertising persistently puts the message it wants you to embody before you, day in and day out, designed in ways to get your attention. If their message contains anything that interests you, you focus on it. In that moment, you begin framing an assumption, imagining yourself with that particular feature. You might even allow food commercials to activate your taste buds, or you might, as a friend did recently. She saw a food commercial illustrating a hot cherry pie, and she excitedly announced, “I am smelling the aroma of that cherry pie!” That’s power of mind.

When framing an assumption, you are choosing to experience yourself as something different from who you were aware of being. For example, if you are unhappy, affirming, “I am happy” means you are choosing to experience yourself as being happy. This might take just a few seconds, or it might take hours or days. However, if you make happiness your priority, and give it your one hundred percent commitment, it takes just a few moments to find you are in the state of happiness. You will incorporate yourself into the vibratory state of happiness. More, you will embody the holographic image.

“How do I do that?” you ask.

Imagine you are already in the hologram. Embodying the hologram, look around to see what is going on as you are reacting happily. My suggestion: journal your experience each time you practice the thought of happiness, writing out a description of your progress, including the feelings and images. Set a goal for a thirty-day vigil of happiness. Journal every day.

I have already proved to myself that I create my experiences with thought. So, with a brief thought of “happy”, I am generating the feelings of happiness from the inside out. Out from within my invisible world where I am always my empowerment. I do not have to go anywhere to get my empowerment, other than the width of a thought. That single thought is empowerment. I have but to think, “empowerment”, calling this thought from my internal environment of every thought and belief known and possible exists out to my field of awareness.

Test this for yourself. Just think, “empowerment” and watch for the feeling of what the thought of feeling feels like, and for the images of what you can do in your empowerment. If you are integrating the thought of empowerment with the thought of happiness, notice what the union of these thoughts produce.

Empowered  to construct my experiences with thoughts and images of happiness, I am one hundred percent committed to seeking ideas that when energized, generate happiness and joy. Starting with the thought, “happiness”, I shift to the biology of Imagination engaging brain-body communication with the question, “What is true happiness like?”

Who am I asking?

I am asking infinite intelligence to show me what happiness is like in a holographic image I can see in the mind’s eye and merge with so I am walking around as the embodiment of happiness.

When I first walk around embodying happiness, it is like wearing a new outfit. You know the feeling. I am continually contemplating happiness, becoming familiar and comfortable in the feeling, so much so that it becomes apparent to those around me. As I’m radiating frequencies of happiness through my contemplation, I am changing everything about myself, even including how I am incorporating myself in the body and in all my relationships.

With happiness as my set priority, I am penetrating everything in my world with the vibrations of happiness. Just how much happiness am I willing to experience? How exciting is this? Could I be more excited about happiness?

What about you?

Are you willing to generate happiness?

Do you want happiness?

Do you want happiness regardless of what is going on in the world around you?

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