Trump tries the birtherism hoax again, this time against Harris instead of Obama

By Larry Johnson

Donald Trump is trying his phony birtherism baloney again.

Last time it was Barack Obama who origins our racist president questioned. This time it’s Kamala Harris, the presumptive vice-presidential nominee.

Trump at a rally

You may not remember it, but Trump was obsessed with Obama’s birthplace. Eventually, the blasphemy that Obama wasn’t a native-born American (and thus ineligible for the presidency) was shot out of the sky.

So now, Trump is questioning Harris’s birthplace in an oblique manner.

He says he has “heard” that Harris wasn’t born in the U.S., and, of course, in the social media era, it’s possible to “hear” damned near anything you want to hear. Just type: “5G Bill Gates child sex trafficking” or “demon sperm” into your web browser, and you can “hear” a lot.

Then if you’re the President, you say you “have no idea if it’s true,” you’ve gotten the baseless allegation out there for consumption by folks whose critical-thinking skills are deplorable, and you’re done for the day. You are, if you’re Trump, anyway, because he doesn’t appear to do much but golf, tweet, and lie.

Harris was born in Oakland to a Jamaican father and an Indian mother. Some in the Trump camp are claiming she’s not “a real American Black.” Whatever. She says she is. I say SHE gets to make that call. And I personally find it laughable that Trump’s crowd thinks it has any authority to decide who should be called Black. If she says she’s Black, she is. Full freaking stop.

Harris’s attackers are trying another strategy, too — calling her a “radical.” Which, if you actually KNOW any radicals, you know she’s not. Some of the Bernie Bros I know are disappointed in both Harris and Biden because they are too moderate.

They’re going along with the presumed Democratic ticket, however, because the alternative is Trump.

Personally, when the choice is a couple of moderate mainstreamers or a lying, grifting, harmful conman, I know who I support. And it isn’t the conman.

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