Seattle Seahawks cut rookie for trying to sneak a woman into team’s hotel

By Larry Johnson

The Seattle Seahawks have cut an unheralded rookie for trying to sneak a woman into his hotel room.

That action by Kemah Siverand, formerly of Oklahoma State University, was in violation of the NFL team’s COVID-19 rules.

Kemah Siverand

According to the Seattle Times and other media, including the NFL Network, Siverand was captured on security cameras while trying to help a woman into the team’s hotel.

The NFL Nework reported that Siverand went to fairly great lengths to get the woman access, including dressing her up in Seahawks gear to make it appear that she was a player.

Siverand wasn’t seen as having much chance at all of making the team. Last year, he appeared in 13 games for the Oklahoma State Cowboys special teams. So it wasn’t like he was a front-line player, and maybe why his departure was so swift.

The only guaranteed money in his contract was a $2,000 signing bonus, and he was seen as having an extremely outside chance of making the team at all.

So, while you have to wonder how this would have been gone had it been a star-quality player, it’s interesting that the incident happened at all, and it could serve as a cautionary tale for other, more valuable players.

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