Chaos . We are born into it, we live in a world infested with it, we usually die in the middle of it. Our footprint seems to be stuck to it, repeating the soliloquy , its fragrance pungent, yet something we cannot seem to live without. This rolling waft of chaotic rhetoric, or wildly abondoned mass hysteria. Many have talked about chaos theory and how the butterfly effect manifests , with every flap of the wing there is a ripple effect.

Sometimes we wish we all lived in bubbles, unto ourselves, and we could peek out when we wished to do so. Then crawl back in to our safe defense bubble where we could sleep and rest without harm.

I was thinking about this as I steeled myself for yet another foray into the brick and mortar of a hospital. So much spin, chaos, sorrow that these thin walls have seen. On a wall in registration there was a little hand made card, hung among all the sterile signs. That card was written in purple. It said ” Learn from yesterday live for today hope for tomorrow.”I glanced up at it as I was waiting for someone to take my insurance information. I suddenly thought of myself as a solitary planet in a sea of other planets unto themselves. The registration lady was mumbling to herself in her bubble. We were all in bubbles, every now and then people will jump out and shed their bubble, then go right back in again. ” May I have your card,”sign in please, talking amongst themselves, as if noone was here, or didnt have any understanding of the medical jargon at all. The silent observers some disinterested looking at phones, walls, their hands, some talking to others, gossiping for everyone to hear in a small town where everyone talks about everything.
Gloves are on, masks are up. But just barely. The waiting room is sparse, every other chair is roped off with police cation tape, as if we were investigating a dreaded crime scene. And it seems to be. A crime scene, this world, with riots, and killings, disorder and contempt. Where does one fit in, who is just meandering through, in their bubble, who has helped people all their lives, who is sick and tired and unsure of their relavance? Who was hoping for retirement soon, and some plesant travel, and wants to gather with grandchildren and parents and folks without worry.

Chaos, in a previously orderly world but always on the brink of something else. Benjamin Franklin once said ” change is the only constant in life. One’s ability to adapt to those changes will determine your success in life.” What is success? Success is what goals the individual has and also how you can help achieve the goals you believe in that help support the greater good.

We must reframe in this age of chaos. Reset our minds and souls with some answers to questions. Where do we go from here, how do we get there,? What kinds of actions do we take? All these are questions we seem to be struggling with. We are not sheep, we cannot be led blindly, we must study and make up our own minds. Perhaps for the first time, we have been given tincture of time to find out for ourselves .

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Budding Author, Doctorate in Nursing, parent, wife. I have seen, heard, and felt love , pain, sorrow, and acceptance. I find experiences cathartic and research very interesting. I love people and I love making them laugh and inspiring them to live the best they can every day. I thrive on kindness , I love giving .

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