Greyhound – Fury Road, but Less Interesting


By: Corey Lack


Recently, I watched the movie Greyhound, starring Tom Hanks. For those unfamiliar with the movie, Tom Hanks plays a WWII officer in the US navy assigned to captain an escort ship guarding a convoy while they crossed the ocean to enforce the war effort against the Nazis. A couple of days prior to escaping the most dangerous part of the trip, a section where they are unable to get air support, they come under attack by a wolf pack, a term used to describe a group of German u-boats, who use hit-and-run tactics to pick off members of the convoy.


I first want to say that Tom Hanks, as he is known for, does his part very well. I found his character to be very interesting, between his religious sayings and times that he’d ask for personal objects, like his coat and slippers, at seemingly random times. Granted, it made sense that he would ask for these as it was obviously extremely cold, judging from the by the frost on the windows, and his feet are injured so he needed something softer than the boots he had on. That said, he and the rest of the cast are very poorly developed. There isn’t really an arch for the characters, even for Hanks’s character and the “Grey Wolf.” The only things we know about the characters is Tom Hanks’s character is just getting his first command, he’s religious, and he’s having difficulties with his wife, whereas the Grey Wolf, specifically the captain commanding the sub, is cocky and mocks the ships after each attack. There were many characters that were momentarily focused on, but barely get any screen time at all. For example, the XO of the Greyhound, Tom Hanks’s second-in-command, is barely seen for more than a total of five minutes and barely gets a percentage of the number of speaking parts that Hanks’s character does.


Essentially, the whole movie is a chase scene to an extent that I hadn’t seen since watching Mad Max: Fury Road. That said, like I previously mentioned, the characters weren’t nearly as developed as in the Fury Road movie. Also, the action, while still exciting, wasn’t nearly as exciting as it could have been. All action scenes were quick and violent, but it couldn’t really draw me in. I felt no connection to the characters or the events beyond wanting the Germans to lose. I would not recommend this movie, not even to fans of Tom Hanks and/or war movies like myself. I give it four oil slicks out of 10.

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