Protesters Tortured, Jailed , and Killed

A crowd of thousands formed yesterday outside the steps of the Capitol in Belarus shouting for the President to step down amid police brutality of hundreds of peaceful protesters who were picked up off the street and shoved in vans for questioning the outcomes of the Presidential race there. They were there in protest of what they say was a sham election, Alexander Lukashenko, was re- elected to a 6th term by a 80% vote, and the opposition canidate, Svitlana Tsikhanououskaya, declared herself the winner. Unfortunatly, she feared for her safety, and was apparently detaned for 7 hours, in which she then exited the country, choosing Lithouania to reside. She was reunited with her children. She made a statement later, which she indicated that children and their safety are the most important thing.

The protest of a unfair election and the government punishment to protesters have gained quite a bit attraction the European Union . The European Union is very concerned about what is happening in Belarus and has convened for a special summit. The outcome has issued sanctions pointed a certain members of the government of Belarus. The dictator in turn has consorted with Russia and Vladamir Putin, who has pledged his backing. So now we are left with a potential powder keg ready to explode .

Today, protesters are taking to the streets of the Capitol on a Peace March. On this same day, the people who support Lukashenko were told to come out in solidarity for the President. These people include State and governmental employees and factory workers, some who undoubtedly are for the rpeaceful protests but do work for the state. People are concerned about potential clashes if the two side should overlap today as well concern about Russia’s interference with Putin’s backing can only mean more violence.

Many are worried about civil unrest escalating, and are calling to have Lukashenko step down. We will see what happens today as events unfold.

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