Prince of Persia (2010) – Just Another Bad Video Game Movie.

I remember liking this movie when I was younger. So, when it got added to Disney+ the other day I figured I’d watch it again. I’d don’t remember why I liked it. But after this recent viewing, I can’t even imagine what young me enjoyed. It commits the worst sin that any action movie can. It was boring. I mean, it’s a movie about a guy with a knife that allows him to travel back in time a few seconds. On paper, that seems cool. That could’ve led to some fun action scenes that use the knife’s power to give the main character an advantage in the fight. But instead, the knife is used mainly as a device to move the plot along. It is used a couple of times but only has a “look at this cool knife” moment and not a “I’m using the cool knife in a cool way” moment. It’s like if in Back To The Future, Marty used the DeLorean to travel a minute back in time, then said “cool” and only used the car to get fast food for the rest of the movie. You have this cool thing, that could be used for fun actions moments or to develop a really interesting plot. But instead, the entire movie is just lame action scene after boring action scene featuring characters that movie has barley tried to make us care about. I just… it’s not good. What’s worse is that the movie is based on a pretty popular video game series. But for whatever reason they didn’t just use the story from the game and decided to, poorly, come up with their own. The sad thing is, there really isn’t much to say about it other then its boring. There were no interesting visual or stand-out performances, or hilarious jokes. Just uninteresting shots, bland acting, and “jokes.” Also, the film has Jake Gyllenhaal playing a Persian guy which is not a great start. I love Jake Gyllenhal, but was it really that hard to find a guy that even looks remotely Persian? I’m mainly just mad that I wasted and evening watching this. I give it a 2 out of 10.

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