Top Five Beauty YouTubers to Follow Today

With so many amazing beauty YouTubers today, check out these amazing five beauty YouTubers who create amazing makeup looks from full coverage to all about skin care.

  • NikkieTutorials

If you love full coverage makeup, colorful, and easy makeup tutorials you’ll love Nikkie. Nikkie is also wonderful at doing amazing makeup challenges such as “Google Picks My Makeup Challenge.”

  • Sophie Hannah Beauty

Sophie has amazing hair tutorials that match wonderfully with her beautiful colored hair and makeup looks. She also has amazing fashion videos on her YouTube Channel.

  • Leyla Rose

Leyla has amazing neutral soft glam makeup tutorials and tips to help keep your makeup looking stunning all day on her YouTube channel.

  • James Charles

James Charles is awe-inspiring at teaching his subscribers how to make beauty eye shadow looks that you’ll want to try and recreate today.

  • Beauty Within

For all my skincare lovers, Beauty Within is great at explaining ‘all things skincare’ to keep your skin glowing all year long.

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