An Asteroid Just Missed the Earth: And Nobody Saw it Coming

It is after all 2020, where pandemics, riots, weird weather, and disarray abound, so why not add asteroids to the list?

This morning, an asteroid the size of a compact car came and went, passed by the earth within 1800 miles unoticed by anyone., and it stayed intact. It was only AFTER it whizzed by, going 27,000 mph, that somone noticed . I imagine those old 1980s movies where someone is just sitting there in the middle of the night watching an soccer game as the asteroid posed to destroy the earth as we know it whizzes across the other screen. Thats his only job, and there he is,cheering on Manchester United and drinking coffee.

As much as we spend millions, billions, on satilittes, space missions and space stations, how on earth did a astriod manage to get by unnounced?

Coming from the sun, they are really difficult to detect, and even if it had hit, would not likely do much damage NASA said. This is officially the closest asteroid on record to the earth.

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