Never Got Famous: An Introduction To The Greatest Youtube Channel You’ve Never Heard Of

For every online content creator you see grab international headlines for dishonest reasons, there’s double that amount of creators who deserve the same level of accolades, yet still languish in obscurity. One of the best examples of this is the great Tristan Newcomb, also known as Never Got Famous.

Never Got Famous, one of Newcomb’s latest projects, follows the dull life of failed comedian/puppeteer Albert Snodoloberm, as he takes us through an intimate journey into the dark recesses of his mind. In a world where exceptional, visionary individuals are celebrated and loved while the average joe is left in the dust, aren’t we all a little bit like Albert? Weighed down by the trappings of modern life, burdened by memories of past trauma and broken dreams, and resentful of our place in the savage world of haves and have-nots?

The Never Got Famous channel may not have as many videos as other people, but the intricately crafted videos may not be as digestible for a crowd that is more used to things such as let’s plays, reviews, and livestreams. So if you’ve read the text above and are currently finding yourself tantalized, here is a selection of my personal favorite Never Got Famous videos to help you get into the channel!

  1. “The Frabulous Wasteland” – BaD AfTeRLiFe

My personal favorite of his and in my opinion the one that encapsulates the spirit of his channel the best, The Frabulous Wasteland follows Albert along with his puppet Nizzlebutt discussing ths good and the bad of what nuclear war can do, along with a simulation of the opportunities that could be afforded to Nizzlebutt after the bombs drop (stealing a Nintendo 64, breaking into a house, drinking floor polish, etc) before a massive curveball is thrown at us at the very end.

Snoopy Gets Fixed

In this installment in the Never Got Famous saga, Albert Snodoloberm starts us off with a bold claim: old comics are boring and confusing, and he can make them better. If you’re wondering if he can practice what he is preaching, read on. See, take this classic peanuts strip for example.

Normal as can be, right? Not to Albert. Before he works his magic, he begins with the assumption that Charles Schulz forgot that the general populace did not attend college like he did (according to Wikipedia, Schulz did not attend college and only received honorary degrees later on in life) and that such intricate metaphors as the one presented in this comic would confuse and vex the general populace. Here is where Albert cracks his knuckles and gets to work.

He leaves the first three panels unchanged, until..

There’s one before this and right after, but if you want more of Albert’s take on how comic strips should work, watch the video. 

Fraggle Oblivion

In this advertisement for one of Never Got Famous’ many audiobooks, Albert begins with a short blurb about his bewilderment with recent events after his reemergence from a bloody misadventure with the Fraggle Rock gang, then preceding to take us through a break down of the Fraggle Rock intro, slowed down significantly so as to magnify the positive energy it gives off as much as possible, something much needed in today’s dark and uncaring world. I won’t spoil very much of the many choice quotes from this video, but I will say that it does start off with

“I just finished making another muppet movie… Without permission.” So i’ll leave it at that.

I personally have not listened to the audiobook myself aside from the free first chapter, but if it’s anything like his previous henson-centered audiobook Blood and Muppets, it is amazing. Even doubles as a relaxation if you like deep, gravelly male voices like I do..

Those who are curious can find it here.

Like what you see? Check out Tristan Newcomb’s other works!

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