On This Day in History, August 22

In 1485, Richard III of England died at the Battle of Bosworth, bringing an end to the War of the Roses and the Plantagenet dynasty. His foe, Henry Tudor, had recently crossed the Channel from France, and was making for London. The battle was fought to prevent Tudor from challenging Richard’s throne, and ended with his death. This battle was popularized for centuries afterwards, though contentions over where it was fought have only recently been settled.

In 1910, the Japan-Korea Annexation Treaty was signed, formally annexing Korea into the Japanese Empire. Two previous treaties had been signed in recent years, the first being one in 1905 that made Korea a protectorate of Japan, and another in 1907 that eliminated internal administration for Korea. It was expired by de facto following the Second World War.

In 1968, Pope Paul VI became the first Pope to visit Latin America when he traveled to Bogotá, Columbia for the 39th International Eucharistic Congress. Eucharistic congresses are large gatherings of Catholic members—the clergy, religious akin to nuns, and worshipers (laity)—for large, open air Masses and other religious ceremonies and rituals in accordance with Catholic doctrine.

A Notable Birth

1920 – Ray Bradbury (d. 2012) was an American writer who primarily wrote speculative fiction—sci-fi, fantasy and horror. His best known works include Fahrenheit 451, Something Wicked This Way Comes, and The Martian Chronicles. A number of his works feature ‘Green Town’ a fictionalized form of small-town America.

A Notable Death

1989 – Huey P. Newton (b. 1942) was an African-American activist and revolutionary, best known for his role in co-founding the Black Panther Party. Having graduated from high school being unable to read, he taught himself using Plato’s The Republic and began to question everything around him, which led him to adopt the beliefs he held before his murder.

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