blackbear and everything means nothing: Album Review

Daytona Beach-hailing rapper Matthew Tyler Musto is out with a new album that dropped this past Friday and it is hot. It’s what I would call new age and modern in the truest sense of the word with lyrics like “don’t at me”, obviously catering towards a younger crowd soaked and dried up in the social media limelight. We’ve heard “me and ur ghost” and “queen of broken hearts”, now blackbear fills us in on the story on “everything means nothing.” On this album he recruits Trevor Daniel who previously hooked up with Selena Gomez on “Past Life” for “clown” and the vocally matched Lauv for the single “if i were you”. This album has all sort of lo-fi, chill beats to go along with the laid back mood of the entire “I don’t care I’m going to say it straight up” album. 

The lyrics get a bit depressing at times as blackbear is pretty hard on himself on this 12-track project, no pun intended considering his latest team up with Charlie Puth for the single “Hard on Yourself”, a look at self-image issues. It took two listens to really absorb this album. I understand why people would give up on it, because you really start to get sick of the pity party he stretches out for a good 4 songs, but when it’s against some of the catchiest music and impressive drops I’ve ever heard then even “i feel bad” for not listening to his problems more. Why is anyone surprised? In the past it was “if I could feel nothing I would”, now it’s “i feel too much”.

The best song on the album is “smile again”, the finger-picking melodic acoustic lament and album outro. Considering it’s the last song on the album, blackbear obviously wants to prove his pure talent, which he does with the delicacy of embroidery. I love this song so much it makes me want to get a blackbear tattoo. Do it, you say? Fine I will. But only because this song rocks so much. Where was this the entire album?

Blackbear really wishes he could go numb from feeling too much, and it’s made him more cynical, but that has only produced clever lyrics like “so can we leave this party what’s the social cue”, and “you made me want to live laugh love and now I want to die.” Sorry about that blackbear, was that me? Whoops. It’s good to know he isn’t perfect too because he’s apologizing for being too drunk in some of these songs too. At least his substance abuse problem hasn’t changed from his early days. Considering I’ve been a blackbear fan from the days he was “Sniffing Vicodin in Paris”, boy has he become more PG. I think he was better then, but it might have been the Vicodin. 

What did you think of the project? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

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