It Happened to Me

I was in the dentist’s office today and I had to fill out some paperwork. The dental hygeniest looked at my paperwork and said that I did not look 54. I replied thank you . She then looked at my chart and said that I looked very young for someone who had a heart attack. I replied that it was due to stress. She held my hand. Even today , I can not believe that I suffered from a heart attack. I don’t smoke or drink. I was just stressed. I also kept a lot inside . I thought that I was tough. Then and now , I consider myself to be a fixer. I could solve everyone’s problems and act as though I had none. I was going through life on fast speed until I was slowed down.

Did I mention that I was an otherwise healthy person ? I am the one who chose to forgo alcohol for water. I meditate. But I worried. Oh how I worried! When it happened, I did not collapse on the ground. It happens in a different way for young women. Some feel a tightness in their arm. I just felt very hot and it was difficult to breathe . I went to the hospital . After tests, the doctors realized that I had a heart attack. I chose to do a stress test and that is how the doctors found the blockage in my heart. I was lucky. Many doctors are not trained to look for symptoms in women , especially those who are younger.

I have learned a lot. I take better care of my health and work on dealing with worrying. I do my best to avoid or mitigate stress. I have to think now if something is worth my life . In the age of Covid -19 and so much uncertainity, women are stressing more. In fact; women in their 30s are suffering more from heart attacks. If you don’t feel well, see a doctor . It can happen to you , because it happened to me.

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I am a writer and love to write about all topics. I love everything from fashion to politics to the stock market. I consider myself to be very diverse and an innovator. I am a fan of artificial intelligence and robots. There is no topic off limits but I try to be politically correct. I hope that you enjoy my writing. I am grateful to have you as a follower.

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