Aliens – Replacing Horror with Action

By: Corey Lack


Aliens was the second movie in the Alien franchise. It picks up right where the first movie left off and again stars Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley. It is this point that I want to put a big SPOILER warning. Ripley wakes up after going into stasis only to find that she was under for a lot longer than the usual trip is. When she returns to the authorities, she finds that they don’t believe her story, so she tries to continue her life while trying to deal with her nightmares resulting from the experiences. She then hears how the colony made on planet LV-426, the planet where her crew investigated in the first movie, has gone dark and isn’t responding to hails. As a result of her potentially knowing their enemy, Ripley goes along with a squad of colonial marines as an expert advisor, only to find the worst case scenario has occurred.


While I can say that the movie is still scary, it is, but the focus is now on more action. This is still very well done, especially as it avoids the common issue with horror movie sequels, namely trying to make the movie still scary when the viewers already know what to expect. While this movie focuses more on the action sequences, of which there are plenty, it still has enough of a fear factor to unnerve both the viewers and the characters.


Speaking of the characters, they are all very different, but at the same time, they work well together. The chemistry is extremely great between the different characters, especially Ripley, Newt, Hudson, and Hicks. There are even some surprisingly funny moments between the characters. Also, the acting of the different characters is great and believable. Each of the characters are panicking and fearful about their situation, but still dealing with it in their own way. Ripley, who has been in this situation before, is trying to deal with it by trying to escape the planet with her fellow survivors, Hicks is dealing with it by taking the leadership role that is now thrust upon him, Vasquez is focused on killing as many aliens as she can to get payback for her friend and partner’s death, and so on.


This movie, while different from the first, is yet another incredible addition to the franchise and I highly recommend it. I’d give it 10 abandoned doughnuts out of 10.

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