The Latest Religious Scandal: Jerry Falwell Jr. Stepping Down as President of Liberty University Amid Allegations of Sexual Misconduct

Jerry Falwell Jr , has tendered his resignation as administrator of Liberty University after reports of infedelity and blackmail surfaced. The story first surfaced two weeks ago when a photo of him appeared with an female assistant side by side with both their pant zippers down. He was placed on administrative leave . He rebuked this, stating it was a costume party. However with new evidence, Routers reported Monday that Falwell and his wife Becki had maintained a yearslong relationship with a man by the name of Giancarlo Granda, whom they met when he was just 20 in Miami . They became business partners as well as alleged lovers. He stated that he would have sex with Ms. Falwell, while Mr. Falwell watched. Alleging he wants money to keep quiet, Mr. Falwell accused him of extortion, and said “Most of what that guy said is not true” leading us to believe that some of it is. Granda has supplied text messages, audio recordings and other items to prove that he had these relationships with the Falwell’s

It seems to keep happening, men who claim righteousness, integrity, and the highest of christly and trustworthy paths seem to be rocked by scandal. Prostitutes, money laundering, drugs, the list seems to go on and on. What happens to people in high positions that are supposed to have good christian values ? Is it associations, stress, or just plain human nature?

In a audio recording, we hear all three, Granada and the Falwell’s on the phone together. They are talking about Granada’s one night stand with a woman and how Becki is jealous and “cried her eyes out all day” and Jerry is chiding him. It is obvious all three had a easygoing relationship and each got things they needed out of it, for fulfilment. But because they are who they are, and stand for what they supposedly stand for, this is simply out of the question. Nigel Barber PhD in Psychology Today says research evidence suggests that, contrary to their principles, religious people are unusually bad at restraining their sexual impulses. They are more impulsive, suggesting a hotter sex life. Perhaps those who seek to repress their sexual impulses, spend more time thinking about sex. Hence the fascination with pornography. It is like the old test. think of a white bear, now stop thinking about the white bear, can you stop?

If different circumstances, different people, polyamory is alive and well in the US and they may have had a shot. You have to be true to yourself. Are you living a lie because that what you are expected to be, or are you living this way because you want the power and money one life brings you, but the feelings and relationships, the other gives you? It is a shame you feel you cannot have both. They could really care for one another. But this is a prominent devout head of a religious University, and the son of one of the most prominent religious leaders in history. He had much to live up to. He had to maintain a facade that he may not have felt in his heart. Sooner or later, the egg cracks.

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