Batman: Arkham Knight – All that Bad?

By: Corey Lack

arkham knight

Batman: Arkham Knight was the fourth game of the Arkham series and takes place after the Arkham City. It was the first of the games that was released for the Playstation 4 era. Many people had issues with different parts of the game, but was it really all that bad?


It features Gotham suddenly threatened by the supervillain, Scarecrow, and his new army of mercenaries. As a result, the entire city is evacuated with only the police and a few others staying behind. As Batman races to stop Scarecrow’s plan, he finds himself attacked on all sides by his entire rogue’s gallery along with the mercenaries and a new enemy known only as the Arkham Knight. If that isn’t bad enough, Batman literally has Joker on the brain, causing him to suffer hallucinations.


The technology used in the gameplay, specifically the movement and combat. Both of these have been greatly improved from going from PS3 era to PS4 and as a result, what little janky problems that would appear in the previous games are now gone. The main part that people had issues with was the introduction of the batmobile and its ability to turn into a tank. I personally didn’t have an issue with that part. At first, I admit that I thought it was odd, but then there was a line that hinted it wasn’t entirely Batman’s idea and that made sense to me. Personally, the tank portions made sense as Batman had taken down every other type of force that stood against him, so it would stand to reason that the villains would bring something with more firepower. The one thing about the game that I can’t figure out the point is the challenges that are offered. They aren’t part of the various missions and they don’t really offer much, beyond upgrade points, but I usually have maxed out the upgrades by the end even without doing them, so I don’t see the point. They don’t even bring anything very entertaining to the game as they’re just straight fights or races.


Now, let’s talk about the characters. Well, there really isn’t much to say about them that I haven’t said in the reviews of the previous games. They’re all very well voiced. Kevin Conroy’s Batman and Mark Hamil’s Joker are definitely my two favorites in this game. Batman’s stern and constantly controlled voice is perfectly offset by the wild and flamboyant Joker. It just works and I would have loved for another of these games to be made.


As it is probably obvious, I fully recommend giving this game a try. Sure, there are still some parts that aren’t all that necessary and sure, there are some issues with the actual gameplay, but it is still a lot of fun. I give it 8.5 J-shapes scars out of 10.

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