What COVID-19 Is Like For A Taurus

My mom was recently on the phone with her brother (my uncle) just to catch up per usual. My uncle said to my mom, “Phoebe must be loving this pandemic. She’s so introverted. She must be in her room all the time staying nice and comfortable.” I have to admit that he is right, and he inspired me to show some love for my fellow Tauruses during COVID-19.

Now, when I say that Tauruses don’t mind the pandemic that much, that doesn’t mean we want people to die form it. We are one of the most loyal Zodiac signs, and you can bet that we want our friends and loved ones protected from the virus. We want everything to be good in this world. However, when it comes to quarantine and social distancing, Tauruses are pretty satisfied.

We are not the only sign who minds being home. Aquarians are not strangers to laying in bed all day with a good book. Cancers also enjoy being home or any place with water or a loved one to cling onto. However, Tauruses are notoriously known for loving the comforts of home more than any other sign. In fact, we don’t want to leave the house unless there’s a good reason to. All it takes to keep us happy is yummy food, comfortable clothing, and a place to relax. We also thrive when close friends and family are around, which makes quarantine a breeze. Plus, if we are around someone of romantic interest, we can get it on as much as we want. It does not take much to please a Taurus.

My mom is a Libra and she is having a difficult time during quarantine. Her neurotic and airy personality can’t handle staring at the walls of our house all day. And her moon in Sagittarius leaves her feeling trapped with no room to expand her passions and knowledge. As a Taurus, I don’t relate to how she feels. We want our lives simple and good. Some might even argue that we are boring, but we don’t care. We enjoy doing the same things everyday because we need predictability and a routine in order to feel stable and keep our feet firmly on the ground.

Of course, some parts of quarantine get me down. My hasty Aries cusp forces me to workout a lot and leaves me feeling a little stir-crazy once in a while. Also, Tauruses love taking their time getting ready so that that they look their very best. We are careful and practical and everything needs to be just right. And even though we are lazy bulls, we love looking good, working hard, and making a lot of money. These superficial qualities in Tauruses can make quarantine challenging at times. However, if we buy some cute lounge clothes and work from home, we feel amazing.

Tauruses don’t mind social distancing for the most part. But we can feel lonely at times if we are not around those close to us for a while. Tauruses are very possessive and we hold our friends and family extremely close to us. Sometimes a little too close. We are like this because we are tentative and careful with people. We don’t want to get hurt so we never jump into any friendship/relationship until we learn to trust. Therefore, when we do find a true friend/partner, we never want to let go. We don’t mind social distancing, but we do mind social distancing from those we love because our clingy and possessive sides are challenged.

Every sign is having a hard time with COVID-19 in their own ways. I encourage you to adopt a few Taurus qualities (unless you are a Taurus already) so you feel comfortable and satisfied with your nice and boring life. Appreciate all of the love and beauty that Venus is providing us. Even during the most uncertain times.

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