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Welcome To Scorpio Season

The ocean is beautiful and dangerous. It’s beauty comes from its crashing waves and soothing sound. It’s danger comes from the mystery within that not even humans can fully discover. We are easily seduced by it even if we don’t submerge our bodies in it. The ocean has a way of reeling us in then…

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Welcome To Libra Season

Have you ever met someone who is kind but rude? Selfish but generous? Introverted but extroverted? Clean but messy? Patient but impatient? Then this person is probably a Libra. September 23rd marks the beginning of Libra season which is quite appropriate in many ways. Depending on where you live, this is the time of year…

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Welcome To Virgo Season

This past spring in 2020, one of my best friends and I were at Taco Bell talking about how weird it was going to be after college graduation. That is, before we realized it was going to be canceled due to COVID-19. She said to me “This is going to sound crazy, but I love…

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