The Astrology of Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson is the bane of modern left-wing American politics. Not many figures conjure so much vitriol and abhorrence as he. But, is he truly the monster many make him out to be? Or is he a well-intentioned news anchor challenging the mainstream narrative?

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Tucker Carlson
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It is often difficult to see our political opposites as human, easily making them out to be devils and scapegoats for the ills we see in the world. So, it is always my intent to allow others to see another side of those they may disagree with, but never to apologize for them.

Having said that, let’s begin. As usual, there are several things about Carlson’s chart that immediately “jump out” at me from the get-go. Things such as career and fame are almost always marked by a few positions we see over and over again. Yet, it is never exactly the same because, as the saying goes, there is more than one way to skin a cat.

And so, with Tucker’s Venus conjunct the Midheaven, we see the “lesser benefic” at the highest point in the chart, indicating lots of public attention. She pulls attention to her as the beautiful goddess that she is. Venus rules the arts, so this also gives Tucker a bit of artistic talent. And indeed, he is an accomplished writer.

We also see Saturn in the 10th house along with Venus, though they are not conjunct with each other. Still, Saturn in the 10th is yet another indicator of hard-won success in a career. Many years of toiling away eventually bear fruit when Saturn matures under a triggering transit from one of the outer planets.

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Accomplished writer.
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Next up is Sun conjunct Moon. This is when the native is born under a new moon, and it is a potent aspect. Ego and emotions are aligned to create someone who is strong-willed, energetic, and sometimes a little too subjective for their own good. But, they are also instinctive in nature, grasping subjects by feel rather than logic alone, taking advantage of their subconscious mind’s ability to see things the conscious mind does not. And they are fiercely independent, needing no external validation for their beliefs.

Speaking of beliefs, Tucker has Mercury opposite Mars. The god of communication and thinking opposes the god of war, here. And this is exactly what it sounds like. This placement gives the tendency to argue with others and challenge what they say. It has the effect of speeding up the thought process and blesses the native with a razor tongue.

And then we have Mars in a square with three planets: Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto. This means that these three planets are conjunct, giving their own special effects as a result of their fusion. Jupiter amplifies things, Uranus shocks things, and Pluto causes things to intensify, as well as to die and be reborn. Pluto and Uranus together are a formidable mix; this generational configuration causes sudden social change that breaks apart many old patterns. And with Jupiter on top of them both, all of it gets bigger.

From here, we must interpret three aspects separately: Mars square Jupiter, Mars square Uranus, and Mars square Pluto.

Mars square Pluto is a symbol of ambition and staying power. Clearly, his climb to the top of opinion politics punditry has been a successful one as he is now the undisputed king of nightly TV, occupying the 8 p.m. slot ahead of the more senior Sean Hannity. Mars square Pluto is also something that makes the native want to assert their dominance, and we can see in Tucker’s behavior that he often dominates his guests on-air.

Mars square Uranus is an extreme desire to overturn the proverbial apple cart. He lives to provoke and shock, and often bucks the mainstream Republican establishment by putting prominent members of the party in the hot seat, calling them out live. It is this that makes him so popular with the audience. Carlson has the need to feel alive by pushing boundaries, giving him that electric sense of adrenaline. It also manifests in his often explosive mannerisms with his trade mark laugh, moving from calm to uproarious hysterics in an instant.

Mars square Jupiter is one of excess exuberance. Everything Tucker does is big, and this aspect gives him boundless energy and enthusiasm. It can also be a sign of pushing your luck too far sometimes.

Now, add Jupiter on top of Mars square Uranus and Pluto. Everything we’ve described gets turned up to eleven. Those placements are actually quite forceful all on their own, so to have Jupiter with them is a considerable statement. In fact, it is this sub-stellium which is largely responsible for drawing most of the hate thrown Carlson’s way.

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Larger than life.
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In addition to all the aspects to the Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto conjunction made by Mars, there is also a trine from the Sun and Moon conjunction to all three of these planets as well. This means Sun trine Jupiter, Sun trine Uranus, Sun trine Pluto, and then Moon trine Jupiter, Moon trine Uranus, and Moon trine Pluto. Whew, that is a lot to pack in at once!

Suffice it to say, explaining all those aspects would take up substantially more time, and there is still yet another separate aspect I want to cover. So, I will choose a select few in conclusion of the article.

Sun trine Jupiter is a fantastic aspect to have in the birth chart. It is about optimism and luck. This is very uplifting to the ego, endowing it wil positivity and happiness to weather life’s storms. It tends to bring opportunities and gifts along the way as well.

Moon trine Pluto is one of the more difficult positions to the native. Not the worst, but challenging. Any contact from the Moon, our feelings and subconscious, to Pluto, can be a tough road to hoe. However, it enriches the emotional life and gives a great sense of instinct to the possessor.

Rounding it out with the at the last, but certainly not least, is Venus trine Mars. This is a very alluring connection between the two planets of love. I have seen many people with this contact and, even if they were not classically good looking, they were still very attractive. There is a kind of aura they give off that draws sexual attention.

Venus, Earth, Mars.
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To wrap things up, I don’t see much here that would make someone into a terrible person. A boogeyman, maybe. An intense personality with a desire to win, yes. But nothing that stands out as particularly power-hungry. However, any chart has the potential to be nasty. Some more than others. But anyone’s astrology can be expressed in either light or shadows. It is, in part, our choice that makes the difference. So it is our spiritual imperative to make the most of what we have.

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