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The Astrology of Joe Biden

In my previous article, I explored the major aspects of Donald Trump. It is with due course that I should balance that with a look at Joe Biden's as well. As with Donald Trump, the astrology of Joe Biden is quite apparent, easy to see his popularity, and shows why he has been such a successful politician for nearly 50 years.

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Not in Control

Do you find yourself, or have you ever found yourself, feeling incredibly disconnected and out of control with what’s going on around you that you think, “What am I even doing here?” 2020 has been many things, but forgiving isn’t one of them. With every new month/week/day/hour, something happens to shake up our sense of…

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Are We All A**Holes?

You know what sucks? A few days ago I was hit with the idea that, to someone somewhere, I’m the bad guy. Somebody has, or will, see me as a negative force in their life. No matter what I try to do or say, I will be the antagonist to their hero journey. Admittedly, that…

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Gray Beauty

It’s easy to feel inspired by color, it’s easy to feel some sense of emotion brought on by vibrancy. Most of the time in life, we tend to see things as one way or the other: black and white, good and bad, law and order. We learn early that there aren’t really shades to living.…

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The New Moon of Virgo

Astrological Themes Late September 2020 We have a new Moon at twenty four degrees of Virgo, and Jupiter has gone direct, moving forward again after a period of about four months. I’ll take the time to break down what this represents for us in the coming weeks. Suffice it to say, you should get your…

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Defeat vs. Plateau

How can we tell the difference between one or the other? Is there a difference? Stating the obvious here but, 2020 has been nothing but ridiculous ups and downs all year. This one year has somehow mentally and emotionally seemed like five have passed. And yet, there are so many people out there, myself included,…

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