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Late September 2020

Astrology of The Harvest
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We have a new Moon at twenty four degrees of Virgo, and Jupiter has gone direct, moving forward again after a period of about four months. I’ll take the time to break down what this represents for us in the coming weeks. Suffice it to say, you should get your calculator ready and think about making plans for that party you’ve been wanting to have. These two energies may seem to be contradictory, but they’ll compliment themselves nicely. 

Virgo is a tedious sign, meticulous and detail oriented. She’s pocket protector hot, and mathematically majestic. Ruled by the planet Mercury, she deals extensively with all things logic loving, communicative concerned, and analytically assessing. Mercury is similar to Hermes, the messenger god in the polytheistic Greek pantheon. For those who do not know much about his history, Mercury was not initially considered all that fortunate, as far as gods went. He was given powers and abilities left over that other gods thought ignoble. Trickery, thievery, shapeshifting, lies? In the ancient world, these were considered traits one would not want associated with. But he was Zeus’s son and he needed tasks befitting a god despite this. Yet, as with all things Mercurial, his attributes were neutral, easily falling within the realm of both positive and negative. His cunning was only as bad as the end result of its efforts. And he had other resources; he was fast and he was capable of moving between the different dimensions of reality from the heavens, to Earth, and into the underworld. It was this that made him so useful as the messenger, and the psychopomp, a guide for souls recently departed. Hence, with our New Moon situated within Virgo, it is a time in which these sorts of labors are most benefited. So, if you have a debate coming or a paper to write, a math test to study for or a high-end art heist you’re planning, you’re well placed energetically for the next two weeks. 

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Mercury, god of helmets
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In my previous article, The Astrology of the 2020 Election, I touched upon Jupiter. I mentioned that he is an amplifier, in that whatever he comes in contact with, astrologically, he magnifies. Jupiter is associated with many other things as well, in particular, good luck. My personal experience as an astrologer has not necessarily been the case. However, he does certainly make one feel lucky, which can be one of his worst qualities. He has the tendency to promise more than he can deliver, creating a “burst bubble” atmosphere once he has left your sphere. But, he is most certainly associated with good feelings and having a good time. A great Jupiter transit is one of those few days or weeks in your life that have you feeling on top of the world. But therein lies the issue. We all know the feeling of fearing things will go bad as soon as they are going well, and this is why. The best thing you can do during a Jupiter transit is twofold- 1) enjoy it. There are too few beautifully wonderful moments in our lives, and you’re a fool if you don’t soak it up. And 2) use it as a time to plan ahead. Yes, I understand when you’re flying high, the last thing you want to do is sit down and plan, but you most definitely should. Watch your spending, watch your eating and watch your drinking. You can overdo all of this and be left with the hangover of your life and a waistline several sizes larger than before. But Jupiter’s most important association is actually “growth” in the most positive sense. And it is this time of the year, when he begins to move forward again, that it is most important. The past four months, since mid-May, Jupiter started going backward in the sky. This is his retrograde period, and it shifts the focus to inner growth for most. This is when we should be doing the kinds of things that are more akin to self improvement. Reflect on your morals and values, listen a little more carefully to your emotions and pay attention to your mental habits. But on September 13th, he pivoted and has started to move forward again. This means it’s time to focus outward. All that inner work we’ve done for the last few months is about to pay off as we shine our light to the world. And when a planet pivots from reverse to forward, or vice versa, it is at its most powerful. So take advantage of it, go forth and expand!

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Episode of Cribs, Zeus Edition
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New Moons are the “reset button” of the natural world. It is a blast of energy which is linked closely with starting new things, beginnings, and initiation. About every two weeks, the Sun and Moon occupy the same charted space in the sky and this constitutes a New Moon. You will notice on a New Moon that the Moon itself is usually not visible. This is because it’s light is not being reflected due to changing viewpoints from the Earth. To be specific, this is not the same as a Lunar Eclipse, so don’t confuse them. Each time this happens, it will occur within a certain sign of the Zodiac and therefore takes on its characteristics. So, if it happens in Pisces, Piscean activities become highlighted, and so on through the other signs. Hence, our focus here being Virgo. Therefore, if you know where a certain New Moon will take place, you can plan certain actions you would like to undertake and have an energetic backing to accomplish them. It’s like going with the flow of the universe to get things done. This energy then peaks about two weeks later at the Full Moon, where what you have done comes home to harvest. If you have intentionally used this cycle to do something important which matches the energy exuded by the Moon phases, you will get a more potent effect. Trying to swim against a river’s current is the surest way to wear yourself out and waste a lot of effort on doing something that simply is not meant to be. If you try to plan an event which is contrary or downright hostile to the prevailing energetic signature, you will find your plans dashed, dissolved, or in disarray. 

I’m sure you’ve seen the Moon
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So on September 17th, try to take a look at what you need to get done. Pick an activity that matches with the themes of Virgo. There are many sites on the internet which can give you innumerable things that are associated with this sign. Virgo naturally rules over that which is associated with the sixth astrological House, which is the House of health, daily habits and routines, service and short term work. This means that if you want to change your daily habits or improve your health in some manner, you will be aided in this endeavor by a Virgo New Moon. She is also an excellent planner, so if you need to make a plan, this is the perfect time to do it. The details are her strength, so you will likely not be caught with your pants down as you forgot to pack the toothbrush, or schedule an event on the wrong day. Virgo is also chocked full of responsibility and stability as she is an Earth sign. 

As I had mentioned before, these two important aspects, Jupiter direct and New Moon in Virgo, are actually complementary. You will get a dose of two types of energy which can really help you get things done. One is expansion into the world, the other is pragmatic and utilitarian. Surely you can strike a good balance between the two and really ride that wave into leveling up your life. So good luck everyone, as good luck may just be on your side right now! If you play your cards right and act responsibly, the universe wills it!

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