The emerging alternate, populist Democrat front-runner is undoubtably Robert F Kennedy Jr. Whether or not he achieves the endorsement from the party is another matter, with some accusing him of being grossly incorrect in many of his beliefs. Yet, others think he is dead-on and exactly what America needs right now. So, let’s check “The God report” and find the truth of the matter! Shall we?

Robert F Kennedy Jr
Photo: Gage Skidmore, Wikicommons

RFK jr.’s birthtime is not confirmed. In fact, I believe that an astrologer has reverse engineered it to find the time. Yes, this is possible! If you know the degree of your Sun, Moon, and Saturn, along with your birth location, you can find your ascendant and midheaven. And, if you know the person, many of the planetary positions make sense as you play around with it. This is definitely the case with RFK jr. Let me explain why.

When looking at this reverse engineered chart, we find that it puts his Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Chiron directly on the midheaven. Why does this “make sense?” Well, because RFK jr. was born famous! There is not a person born in the last seven decades that wouldn’t know the Kennedy family name. And with Sun and Venus conjunct, in particular, on the midheaven, you have someone that is ordained by God to be famous. We see it all the time as astrologers. So, trust me, this is legit.

So, as we’ve already mentioned it, let’s go ahead and talk about Sun conjunct midheaven. This is a popular placement for those destined for the spotlight. And, wow, are these people at home in that light. The midheaven itself is determined by the Sun in astrology, representing our colloquial and archetypal understanding of the Sun at midday. All can see it sitting high above. This is the meaning of the midheaven, and the reason that it rules over public image and career. It’s the part of you that everyone sees. So having the Sun here means that everyone sees you, no matter what you do!

people on top of hill under white clouds golden hour photography
The Sun.
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And then there’s Venus conjunct midheaven. The goddess of wealth, pleasure, attraction, and popularity is also at home atop the world for all to admire. She bathes in this attention, bringing a touch of grace wherever she goes. And indeed, RFK jr. is a popular man and a man for the people.

Chiron is not a planet we discuss much. If anything, because Chiron is not a planet at all. It is a very large asteroid that orbits between Saturn and Uranus. And he is important. He represents many things, one of which is the bridge between the material world and the great beyond. As Saturn is the limitation of time and what we can touch, Chiron is the pain that is suffered when moving past that limitation. Chiron is “the wounded healer.” Whatever he touches is transformed by pain into something greater. Having Chiron on the midheaven shows that one’s pain in the world is on display for all to see. Pretty dead-on, isn’t it?

And finally, there’s Mercury conjunct the midheaven. For those getting used to the way things work around here, Mercury is one’s communication and intellect. On the midheaven, we see a planet given its voice for everyone to hear. And clearly, RFK jr.’s voice is well heard at this point, even if stifled for political reasons.

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Now on to the rest of the chart. Whew! The next placement that really stands out is Uranus opposite midheaven (yes, the midheaven takes a prominent role in RFK jr.’s chart). In my own study of astrology, oppositions to the midheaven are nearly as important as conjunctions. Which is strange, because the energy is very different. A conjunction pulls the energy to that point, while the opposition oscillates between the two.

One would think this does not focus said energy enough to create fame. But, in fact, it does. And Uranus is “the liberator,” or “the rebel.” Something about RFK jr.’s homelife was irregular. Something was off, sideways, or shocking. I think many of us have guesses as to what that might be. But, either way, Uranus opposing the midheaven creates a kind of sudden shock that puts him in the limelight. Given the most recent circumstances surrounding his 2024 campaign, I think that’s accurate.

But, let’s make a break from all previous aspects. Mars is trine to RFK jr.’s Moon. Here, we have a person willing to act on their emotions. As well, this is clearly something that adds to his “fit and healthy” persona. He works out, bro! RFK jr.’s personality is one that makes use of his masculine energy, not sitting on laurels, waiting for things to happen. He gets out there and rolls up his sleeves.

grayscale photo of man working out
RFK jr. soon.
Photo: Edgar Chaparro, Unsplash

To wrap up is to say a few things: I don’t see a terrible or psychopathic person in RFK jr. He appears to be a normal person that has been thrust into the spotlight by virtue of his family name. He also appears to be a decent person merely trying to speak the truth to the public. I am not concerned with his astrology as I have been in the past with previous politicians. So, if he wins the presidency, my hope is he will do some good.

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