The Astrology of Joe Biden

In my previous article, I explored the major aspects of Donald Trump. It is with due course that I should balance that with a look at Joe Biden’s as well. As with Donald Trump, the astrology of Joe Biden is quite apparent, easy to see the reason for his popularity, and shows clearly why he has been such a successful politician for nearly 50 years.

Joe Biden official portrait 2013.jpg
Joe Biden, Wikicommons

The first thing that jumps out to the astrologer looking at Joe Biden’s chart is Venus conjunct the ascendant. Venus, as stated in previous articles, is what rules attraction of all kinds. She is the force that makes us drawn to something which is pleasurable in nature; wealth, physical lust, luxury. And with Venus Rising, you have a person which draws others near. But this is a double-edged statement. It implies others want to be around him, yes. But it also implies he has a need for others to be around him too. There is a certain aura around some people, whether they are pleasing to the eye or not, we find them “attractive.” This is the quintessential Venus Rising individual. Obviously this has had quite an effect on Joe Biden’s ability to attract followers and money to his various political causes over the years. It makes him endearing and easy to be around. This certainly explains his reputation as a “go along to get along” kind of guy. This also makes him a people-pleaser, often mimicking more of what others want rather than having steadfast opinions of his own. Yet, for whatever its drawbacks, this is a lucky placement to have. And it should be noted as well, that although Donald Trump and Joe Biden both have planets on the ascendant, most people do not.

The second aspect that is just as important is Sun conjunct the ascendant. Yes, Joe Biden has two planets rising, and this is significant. As the ascendant is what people physically see when they meet you, Sun Rising is an important placement. But it is important for a few reasons, another being that the Sun is important no matter where it falls in our birth charts. Many people will be familiar with the common “Sun sign astrology,” popular as far back as the turn of the 20th century. “Are you a Scorpio?” Some might ask. And this is a reference to what Zodiac sign the Sun falls within. But for however important the Sun is, it is not the end-all-be-all of astrology. Not by a long shot. And the ascendant, as a mathematically calculated point, is just as important all by itself. That any planet is on the ascendant is always important, but to have multiple planets there is even more so. And having the Sun there is extremely fortunate. The Sun is the center of all life in our solar system. It is warmth, light, and energy. With the Sun Rising, the ego is strong and people feel as if the rays of it shine upon their face when this person is around. Indeed, this has played a major role in Joe Biden’s success. Who doesn’t love to bask in the sunlight of a summer day?

The third aspect I would like to bring up is Sun conjunct Venus. Yes, we just spent two paragraphs going over the Sun and Venus, both of which are conjunct the ascendant. But here, we are talking two planets on top of each other, in tandem with an extremely potent position in the chart. Yet, minus their position on the ascendant, Sun conjunct Venus is powerful on its own, as anything conjunct the Sun is. The Sun’s energy is added to Venusian powers of attraction. This magnifies the attributes of each planet, especially because they are mutually beneficial. The Sun and Venus get along very well, and when they come together, they make a power-team of enormous potential. The traditional interpretation of these two in the birth chart is that of money and popularity. Someone with this combination will have no problem attracting cash, nor spending it. And they are a personality that others would revel in being around because they are always a good time.

Aphrodite Anadyomene from Pompeii cropped.jpg
Fresco of Venus at Pompeii, Wikicommons

The next aspect in line is Uranus opposite the ascendant. Uranus, as previously discussed, is the weirdo of the astrological world. He is the god of shock, surprise, and Promethean insight. He is the rebel, the mad scientist, and he doesn’t like rules. With Uranus opposing the ascendant, this ultimately amounts to a lot of upheaval in Joe Biden’s life. Things are often tumultuous, and other people (represented by the point opposite the ascendant, called the descendant) are a source of stress and upset. “Other people are always upsetting,” I hear you saying. And that’s true. But there is a special significance that will play out in Joe’s life that might not in another person’s whom does not possess this placement. It if often an indicator of scandal and rumor within the community. And, it tends to show that the person gets bored of others easily, as well as tends to associate with eccentric and varied sorts of people. Mozart and Hugh Hefner were born with this aspect, and one might say that they lead very, very interesting lives.

Next, I would like to take a look at Joe Biden’s driving nature, represented here by Mars square Pluto. In previous installments, I’ve mentioned Mars as being the engine in our charts, the way we get things done, our warrior-selves. Pluto on the other hand is the god of death. He is the phoenix rising out of the ashes, he uncovers that which is hidden, and he regenerates that which is decayed. He is intense, to say the least, and that’s what he brings to the picture: intensity and power. Here, with Mars in a 90 degree angle to Pluto, you have an extreme desire for control and a massive sense of ambition. No doubt, this has put the fire in Joe’s belly over the years to keep him climbing toward the top. But it has a shadow side, as all aspects do. Here, that translates to manipulation. There is a definite tendency for deceiving and underhanded behavior. It also can make one wrathful or destructive. Whether those traits are embodied depends a lot on how Joe goes about his daily life, and what his beliefs are about right and wrong.

The last major aspect I would like to go over is Jupiter sextile MC. In other articles, I discussed the nature of Jupiter being that of the amplifier. He expands whatever he touches in stunning fashion. The MC, however, is another mathematically calculated point in astrology. Essentially, if the ascendant is the morning where the Sun would rise, the MC represents noon, the place where the Sun sits in the middle of the day where it is most visible. It is this which conjures the meaning of the MC as the public image, the place where we are most visible to the wold. With Jupiter in a 60 degree angle to the MC, we have a harmonious interplay between the two. And if Jupiter makes things bigger, while the MC is our most visible self, then we have an individual that has a very public life and career. This is the second interpretation of the MC: career. We often see Jupiter touching the MC as a correlative with famous people. Leonardo DiCaprio has Jupiter conjunct MC in his birth chart, as does Kim Kardashian and Angelina Jolie. There is a very strong connection between Jupiter, the MC, and fame. Hence, this has a sort of preordained feel to Joe Biden being as prominent as he is.

Pluto by Agostino Carracci, Wikicommons

As with all interpretations, there are many other portions to Joe Biden’s natal chart which make up his personality and influences in his life. I have only scratched the surface of his largest aspects. There are also numerous times throughout everyone’s life where other planets, which are always moving in the sky, make connections to where the planets were at our birth. These are called “transits,” and they can affect how we behave, signal what we are going through, and show certain issues or adversities we must overcome. There is always more to look at than what appears at first glance, as astrology is a beautifully complicated art.

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