In the podcast “New Age Renaissance” you’ll find: poetry, short story originals and some music compositions. It’s kind of intended to be, “a little bit of everything”.

Most of the talks and stories are based around some form of informal philosophy. The overall, continued theme, is unity through diversity.

Although the podcast sits at only 40 episodes currently, there is plenty of substance hidden within each episode to both expand your mind and show you how simplicity is an under appreciated need in life.

You will also find the audio book reading of the creators original book, “The Uncertain,” read by the creator himself. The book is all about a journey. Should you want a copy of the book yourself, the author asks that you order from an independent book store instead of an online retailer.

Above this article is an episode from the podcast titled: “A Woman’s Worth”. The creator of “New Age Renaissance” is a man and, during the writing of this episode, many women were being neglected and persecuted for simply being women. He felt even more compelled to write and speak this episode as a man, expressing the absolute truth of a woman’s value in society. It might not be what you think, it may surprise you to hear what he has to say.

If you like that episode, feel free to just wonder around and listen to others or start completely from the beginning and listen to them all. Give or take each episode is around 15 minutes long, with the book audio sometimes getting to be around forty minutes or so depending on the chapter.

In this unforeseen time of pressed ignorance on a massive scale, I think it’s long over due for there to be a “New Age Renaissance”.

-Gustavo Lomas

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