It’s hard out here for a pimp. Hehe, I wanted to start with something funny because I’m going really deep in this time. We have an election coming up. We are dying from a pandemic. Our children are being shot. Our sisters are being harassed. Our brothers are still in prison. What are you going to do about it? Yeah, little ole you. You know you have all this power, right? Get your mind, right. I feel like after everything Black people have endured, we know we have true power. If we didn’t, why would we always be a threat at every level? Educationally, medically, socially, and mentally we need more leadership, the Black-skinned kind.

Is it you? Probably. Most secrets are kept in the book. So if you’re reading, you are way ahead of the curve, Blacks don’t educate. We’re way too distracted. And it’s because of mental health problems passed down through our genes—the slave gene. I launched a podcast. I tried to make an appointment to see my local Black shrink, and I’m on a waiting list. Shrugs. This is my second go at launching a podcast, I’m much more comfortable on film. I named it, Live Hangouts: Tahyira Keeps It Too Reel. It’s a quick listen, and I’m being 100% open with you all. It really is hard. And it’s okay to not feel good about any of this.

I hope this helps you find your own voice and be open about your story.  Love you and be safe!

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