Welcome To Libra Season

Have you ever met someone who is kind but rude? Selfish but generous? Introverted but extroverted? Clean but messy? Patient but impatient? Then this person is probably a Libra.

September 23rd marks the beginning of Libra season which is quite appropriate in many ways. Depending on where you live, this is the time of year when the weather is both warm and cold, cozy but desolate, beautiful but dying. It’s a charming time of year that invites people to except transitional times in their lives. It’s a time of order, movement, and pleasure leaving many people wondering what happened to summer. However, for Libras, it’s just another month. Libras don’t focus on transitions or even timeframes, for they don’t have the attention span to waste on what they cannot control. Just like the wind, this air sign keeps moving without a second to spare. Their strong transitional tendencies allow them to stay on life’s rollercoaster without being tied down by emotional ropes. Libras don’t mind leaving their past and those around them in the dust, as long as they are keeping things around them in order. They are very in touch with the earth’s energy as it spins and waits for no one to catch up.

An elegant path of charm and beauty follows Libras everywhere they go, but these qualities are not always on display for those around them to enjoy. The scales continue to search through their environment in hopes to find balance and harmony. Similarly to the changing seasons, they must manipulate their surroundings in order to find the balance that they desire most. This time of year challenges people to understand that disagreements, discomfort, and chaos are important to face. Others might view Libras as pot-stirrers, when in reality, they are thriving on their never-ending search.

The search for an aesthetically pleasing life and what order lies within the future is enjoyable for Libras to an extent. Their rapid energy allows them to let go of anger and logic so they can focus on their surroundings. This does not come from a place of feeling rushed, but rather sorting out everything they feel is intellectually necessary. However, there comes a point where Libras lose track of the emotions that remain stagnant inside of them. They unleash an explosion of rage or sadness out of nowhere to balance out their inner scales, leaving them satisfied and confident. The wind will continue to blow generously while indulging within the world’s order.

If you are a Libra, continue to thrive on the stars that keep the planet moving without any hangups. Just don’t forget to keep both feet on the ground once in a while. Begin your season with communication and predictability before you take flight.

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