Widely considered to be the most conservative sitting Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas is in the spotlight concerning the recent overturn of Roe v Wade. A lot of mud is flying, so let’s see what the heavens have to say about this highly influential man.

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Clarence Thomas, Supreme Court Justice
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Clarence Thomas is the second of only two African Americans to ever serve on the Supreme Court, the first being Thurgood Marshall. Thomas is renowned for his “originalist” and “literalist” approach to Constitutional interpretation. But many say his conservative leanings are sinister in nature, betraying African Americans.

However, I am interested in who the man really is. Although the stars and planets can often be interpreted neutrally, and all people have the potential inside of them for change and transformation, there are times when what stands out is a particular type of nature; someone prone to evil deeds.

Luckily for us, we do in fact have a birth time. This will allow us to use the house system and calculate important points such as the Ascendant (representative of the self) and Midheaven (representative of the public and career) in order to get a better picture of where certain planetary energies express themselves.

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Clarence Thomas’s Sun and Mercury are part of a pile-up, called a “stellium” of planets. This means there are four or more all in a conjunction occupying the same space in the natal chart. It is here we have Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Uranus together in one big fusion. This is as interesting as it is powerful.

Sun conjunct Mercury is a fairly common placement, indicative of a high mental energy, and shows up often in intelligent people. But if you throw Venus into the mix, it gets even better. Venus is the ancient goddess of war and strategy, and here she implies a very skillful person. Meticulous hours of practice on a specific subject or activity, these natives are also artistic and refined. As this conjunction occurs in Thomas’ the 6th house of work and reputation, we see can easily see where this energy is thrown toward: the law.

But, the fourth planet is Uranus. And as an outer planet, he packs a punch. As we’ve spoken of many times, he is the rebel. But, he is also the god of insight and genius. And it is no mistake that he is melded together with the mind of this juggernaut of justice. Thomas is easily considered the most intellectual on the bench, praised far and wide across the political spectrum and legal realm for his inspired words and interpretations.

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Justice Thomas also has his Moon conjunct the Ascendant. The Ascendant is who we are in this physical realm, more so than the Sun. It represents our physical body, our looks, how we interact with the world. And with the Moon here, we get a kind person. It is well known that Thomas takes a very intimate interest in all those he works alonside, asking about friends and family, keeping up with how those closest to him are getting by in a very geniune way. He makes others feel cared for. This is the “mothering” trait coming out through the Moon. He also cannot help but be authentic with Moon on the Ascendant. Though he may try to hide his emotions, they are fairly easy to see.

Next is Sun opposite Jupiter. This is a very fortunate aspect; nearly any contact between the Sun an Jupiter is. Jupiter is jovial and expansive, and the Sun is warm and illuminating. The oppositon can show someone who has a bit of tension between their desire for self expression and care for their social group. But, with two such positive planets, it is mostly good that wins out. And here, Jupiter is in the eleventh house of friendships and networking, so the tension is likely between work and friends. Not a bad problem to have.

Then we have Moon trine Neptune. This aspect is often difficult to deal with, not because it causes issues with others, but because it causes issues with the self. Sometimes the feelings of the Moon are so in tune with their surroundings, Neptune, that it is as if being too plugged in. It is the state of being very sensitive. Music has an effect that is more powerful than on the average person. These people need their privacy and time to recharge and withdraw. Their intuitive faculties are always on high alert, and this can be exhausting. But, it also amplifies their artistic side as well.

Then there’s Mars square Jupiter. This is an aspect we’ve gone over in many charts. Mars is our action and how we get things done. He’s our inner warrior. Jupiter is luck, expansion, and amplification. Put them together and you get big actions. But today, I am able to go over the fact that Clarence’s Mars is in the eighth house. The eighth house is the house of Pluto, of transformation, depth, and death. Anything placed here isn’t taken lightly. And with Mars residing, you will find a native that is fearless. They will not back down and they are very ambitious. Thomas seeks to get to the bottom of things and takes this very seriously. Likely, this is something that many people see in him as this Martian energy is very powerful.

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Last, but certainly not least, is Saturn conjunct Pluto in the seventh house. We often see this conjunction in potent individuals driven to succeed despite their circumstances. Saturn is restriction and Pluto is transformation and death, so Pluto is constantly pushing Saturn to break his limits and go further. These people are amazing to see in action. But, perhaps more importantly, the Justice has this in the seventh house of relationships and open enemies (rather than the twelth house of hidden enemies).

One can only imagine what Clarence Thomas must endure in the form of enemies, past and present. He is continually assailed for his conservative beliefs as a black man in America. These people are harsh and unforgiving, possibly even violent. Yet, this position calls on him to become stronger each time, never letting the fear overtake him. I am sure he has gone through many upheavals in his life, over and over again, creating in him a renewed sense of what he must face for his values.

As always, my list is not exhaustive, and there are more aspects to Clarence Thomas’ natal chart. But these immediately lept off the page when I saw them. And in closing, I do not see Justice Thomas as a bad man. In fact, I respect him and see that his chart reflects a caring person who stands up for his convictions even when the opposition is tremendous.

I hope that others will look deeper into this man’s soul and see more than merely the antithesis of their own political drives.

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