Cardi B’s Newest Viral Video is Quite Relatable

Not everybody is a “Five star chef” when cooking in the kitchen and hip-hop sensation Cardi B says it best. In her newest Instagram video, she is seen cooking chicken wings for her husband Offset. One batch was cooked to a crisp while the others looked completely burnt. Offset could be heard saying “Shawty burnt the wings! This batch look good but these right here though…”.

Cardi B and Offset has fallen victim to rumors of a breakup ever since they unfollowed Quavo on Instagram. Followers feared that “the Migo’s breakup would affect their relationship as well”. It has also led some followers to believe that the “WAP” singer purposefully burnt the wings. However, this is far from the case as the two are very happy together sharing multiple videos of themselves with the children Kulture and Wave. 

Still, the viral video has received mixed reactions on social media. Some are mocking her cooking skills saying “Y’all don’t clean…Y’all don’t cook…I can tell because y’all burnt dem wings”. Others are commenting on the relatability of the video saying “She had a bad day…I can relate”.

Whether flaming Cardi for “flaming” the wings or for Offset’s iconic reaction, followers know Cardi B is only human. Her mistakes are exploited in her “Cardi Tries” show where she depicts the struggles of life for people of all backgrounds. Even the most popular celebrities make mistakes; it is the reputation of the mistake that defines the gravity of the situation.

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