Welcome To Virgo Season

This past spring in 2020, one of my best friends and I were at Taco Bell talking about how weird it was going to be after college graduation. That is, before we realized it was going to be canceled due to COVID-19. She said to me “This is going to sound crazy, but I love back-to-school season.” I looked at her and said “Yeah, that is weird.” Who would ever like that time of year? Back-to-school season is so serious, transitional, and jolts everyone into an extreme reality check from summer relaxation. That’s when I remembered that I was talking to a Virgo.

August 23rd marks the beginning of Virgo season. It’s a time of seriousness, reality, growth, maturity, and achieving one’s goals through hard work. Just like going back to school. The sun’s rays of ego from Leo season are dimming down, and it’s time for Virgos to embrace this transitional time into fall. Virgos dislike change as much as the next person, but in their practical minds, transitions are part of life.

Enjoying the carefree summer months does not come easily to Virgos like it does to others. They find passion in hard work, embracing their goals, and sticking to life’s schedule no matter what. I’m serious. It’s nearly impossible to convince Virgos into doing anything they don’t want to do. This quality is not stubborn, but can instead come across as selfish to others. However, Virgos don’t mean to be selfish. They just always want to take the most logical paths for their lives which makes it hard to break their focus. Their priorities are not usually socializing, so don’t take anything personally.

During Virgo season, expect the stars to line up in a way that allows you to put your emotions aside and fulfill your goals. Instead of reacting, use your intelligence to learn, communicate, help others, and be as responsible as Virgos are. For those of you who are already Virgos, embrace your season of tranisition and reality, but make sure to let loose a little. There is no shame in having fun and deviating from your plans once in a while. Don’t turn every light-hearted situation into something negative or self-deprecating. It’s okay that you are not pleasing everyone around you at all times. Always remeber that you are ahead of your own life and that your logic and practicallity will never let you down.

If you are a Virgo, call a friend today and tell them that you miss them. Start your season off on a spontaneous but comforting note.

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