The Astrology of Alex Jones

The king of conspiracy. The master of misinformation. The tyrant of tin foil. Alex Jones is certainly an American icon. And, he has been in the news as of late for his trial over Sandy Hook. But is he really the kook the media makes him? Let’s take a look at Heaven’s confidential files.

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Alex Jones
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We don’t have a birth time for Jones, which is particularly disappointing for an astrologer because the ascendant and the midheaven are so telling. Especially for someone so famous. But, we do have the planetary positions. So, let us proceed in the usual way, because what we have is certainly enough.

And like a good astrologer, the first thing I notice is the big stuff: Sun conjunct Jupiter! This is “big meets big.” When you have someone that is larger than life, exaggeration is the name of the game and their presence literally fills a room. To be clear, I am not saying that Jones does or does not exaggerate. If anything, his claims have been proven true over time. This is something that scares the daylights out of me and most listeners. But, I am saying that he frames things in the most extravagant way possible. And that’s in the lifeblood of a journalist, however. Headlines make money; hence the axiom, “if it bleeds it leads.” So, don’t fool yourself. He’s not the only muckraker of the age.

Ready for the shock jock effect? Alex Jones has Moon conjunct Uranus. And wow, this is something that is wild. The Moon, ruler of emotions and the mind’s underworld, sits atop the god of rebellion and surprise. Everything in Jones’ emotional life pops, sparkles, and jumps up and down. It is the explosive nature of this aspect that makes you feel his delivery. But, it is also the weird underlying sense you get from his narratives, too. Uranus represents the strange and sideways parts of life, so the stories he covers, combined with the emotional impact, cause them to have a “WTF reaction.”

Next up, we have a double aspect. With Sun conjunct Jupiter in a square to Mars, this means Sun square Mars and Jupiter square Mars exist simultaneously. Sun squaring Mars is generally a sign of anger and a willingness to fight. Obviously, we can see this is true as Jones is definitely a fighter, his personality tinged with a kind of provocateur infusion within it. But there’s more.

Jupiter square Mars is a big aspect causing the ballooning of Mars as Jupiter acts as an amplifier. But there’s a kicker. Jupiter conjunct the Sun makes the ego large. So, with it square Mars, you get a whole bunch of extra energy to these already very volatile aspects. This doesn’t mean he’s just a seething ball of rage. Far from it. That would be more about Pluto or Mars-Saturn contacts. But it does cause the person to have high energy and to take on conflict wherever they find it. It’s courage on steroids. He is a warrior archetype.

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And then there’s Sun trine Uranus. This is another addition to the weird column. The trine is a nice and flowing energy, and this makes it palatable to people. This is a great aspect that makes a person a little off the wall in a fun and quirky way. It also makes them very creative and simply different in all the right ways.

Then there’s Sun trine Moon. This never particularly makes a person stand out in my opinion. It’s just good for their emotional life. If there is a square between the Sun and Moon in the natal chart, you find that the person’s ego is out of sync with their emotions, which makes for a person who is ill at ease with themselves, and that creates tension others can detect which is often unpleasant for the observer. So, with the trine, we see a harmonious relationship between the ego and the id. Seldom are Jones’ intentions misaligned with his feelings.

As with several others, we have another layered aspect here as the trine from the Moon to the Sun is also a trine to Jupiter. Moon trine Jupiter is a fantastic aspect to possess. Again, all of the same wonderful characteristics of the trine are brought to bear in a relationship with the amplifier, Jupiter. This has two main effects: the first being that as the amplifier, it makes Jones’ emotions bigger… as if he needs any more of that! But it also has the consequence of imbuing the joviality, luck, and positivity of Jupiter into the emotional life.

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The joy of life.
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Mercury square Neptune is always a concerning position to have because the mental processes are at odds with the god of illusion and confusion. However, this does not always have a detrimental effect. Mercury square Neptune calls itself home in the birth charts of some of the most brilliant minds in existence, known for their clear-headedness and sharp intellect. But it can have a warping result if there are no other aspects to blunt its emanations. And it may contribute to the fact that, at times, Jones has had a problem separating fact from fiction in his conspiracy theories.

Interestingly, Alex Jones has Venus trine Mars. This is a combination that is known for being good with the ladies. It’s a highly sexual aspect that makes relations with the opposite sex tend toward the steamy side! As such, I’m assuming he and his wife get along very well. Maybe he was a bit of a Lothario in his youth? And yes, this is humorous to me. Without more evidence, we can’t be sure how it manifests. But, I’ve never seen it fail to deliver in the charts of others.

In that same vein, we have Moon square Venus. Usually, this is a desire to fulfill love and affection that can be a bit lacking. Maybe this means he has large appetites! It is certainly quite common for there to be contradicting aspects in the chart. In fact, this is what gives rise to complex personalities that produce paradoxical outcomes. But, without more information on his personal life, we just can’t confirm such things.

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Insert Alex Jones here.
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However, we have definitely come across more than enough to verify most. And it absolutely matches what we see. So, rarely do I do an analysis of someone with as much public data as is so easily scrutinized without coming away with an explicit conclusion, and this is the case here as well.

He is the man we know. Possibly with a bit more sexiness.

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