Welp, the world’s elite seem to make my job easier and easier these days. It’s clear I needed to do the next installment of our little astro-political series on President Zelenskyy. This is yet another chart that knocks it out of the park, but for different reasons. Get ready for the deep dive.

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Volodymyr Zelenskyy
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Sometimes charts are incredibly obvious. Many of the large personalities in the series have been exactly that. This one is no exception. There are things that immediately jump out at the astrologer as soon as they look at the chart. It makes one see that there really is a form of predetermination at work in our lives. Some of us are meant for fame, others are not. To what degree you believe fame is even important is up to you. I, for one, do not. But, it is still very clear that Heaven bestows this to a person from the beginning.

The charts of most famous people have Jupiter in the tenth or first house. And I mean A LOT of them. There are other ways fame can manifest, as there is always more than one way to skin a cat, but this is so common it’s scary.

Zelenskyy is such a person that falls into that classic category. He has Jupiter on the ascendant. This makes someone “larger than life,” as Jupiter is the god of expansion and luck. It makes the person very noticeable and even jovial. They are very outgoing and people often want to be around them. Unfortunately, Jupiter on the ascendant can also be an indicator of weight gain. And, I will say, that Jupiter on the ascendant is not always an indicator of fame; there must be other aspects present. But when I see this in a famous person’s chart, it is never surprising.

But Jupiter is also in a flowing trine to the midheaven from its seat on the ascendant. This means that whatever Jupiter does here is naturally drawn to the public and career center. The trine has the effect of doing something without any effort on our part. So, Zelenskyy’s organic personality is put on the public stage for all to see, seemingly like magic.

And connected to this major aspect is Neptune opposite the ascendant. Here we have a double aspect, opposing the ascendant and Jupiter in the first house. Neptune opposite the ascendant is a confusing aspect to the one who possesses it. It can make them project delusions onto other people. However, it can also bring liars into their life, people who seek to manipulate them. This appears to be very true for Zelenskyy, as he has been in the shadow of Russian puppetry politics for many years. This must make him question the motives of others around him.

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Head in the clouds.
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To boot, Neptune is touching the midheaven as well, further lighting up his public image. Neptune’s sextile to the MC means that his reputation to the public is a little shrouded in mystery, or rather, obscured. But, as it comes from the seventh house of personal relationships and open enemies, this can mean the efforts of his opponents’ lies will reach the world at large, scandalizing him. An aspect like this has many interpretations and effects on his life, so it is hard to tell exactly how it plays out. Certainly, it adds a touch of finesse to his dealings, or may even make him a little insecure about his stature.

And yet another aspect to his midheaven by an outer planet is Pluto trine the MC (outer planets are more fated). Pluto is power, and in a previous article, I talked about its effect on Vladimir Putin’s chart as well. Again, with Zelenskyy’s trine, Pluto is doing something without him putting in lots of effort. So power appears to just fall into his lap. However, this can also have the effect of people seeing him as a manipulative person, but this is rare with the trine aspect unless buttressed by other aspects.

Pulling inward, we take a look at his personal planets. He has the Sun and Venus in a conjunction. This is a charmed aspect, giving him lots to play with in terms of people skills. This also gives a refined feel to the person’s personality, with grace and peace at its core. This is a good placement, but not necessarily rare, because the Sun and Venus are never more than forty-eight degrees apart, forever in a close-knit dance.

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Light as a feather.
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Next up is a double opposition to Mars: Sun opposite Mars and Venus opposite Mars. Sun opposite Mars can make for a fiery personality. This may make one prone to quick anger, but just as quick to forgive and move on. There is often a see-saw action here, oscillating back and forth between one and the other, ego and action.

Venus opposite Mars is a great indicator of sexual attraction. Any contact between Venus and Mars in the natal chart will make someone’s physical appearance pleasing to the eye. Strangely, the person does not always have to be good looking to be attractive, they just simply are attractive. But the opposition creates tension and the attraction between two people doesn’t always go well. So, Zelenskyy may have to work harder to keep someone interested instead of it devolving into games.

His Moon is conjunct Saturn. This can be an indicator of someone who fights a lifelong battle with depression. However, it may not be such a protracted depression, but rather an insecurity that eventually matures and makes him an emotionally stable person; someone with gravitas and seriousness, capable of weathering all storms. Saturn, when you put in the work, will always bear fruit and give rewards. The work can be grueling, though.

Finally, are the aspects to his Mercury, his mind. Zelenskyy has an agile thinking process with Mercury sextile Uranus. He is quick thinking and quick-witted, often finding inspiration at exactly the right time. His solutions can be off the wall, but just enough so that he is innovative.

And with Mercury square Pluto, he can be a bit obsessive about his thoughts and communication, a little intense. He is a dog with a bone, so to speak, not letting go of something until he gets to the bottom of it.

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OCD much?
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President Zelsnkyy is not like the many dark personalities I end up writing about. It is refreshing to see such a political figure that seems to have a good soul about him. Let us hope that Heaven has put him in the best of positions to bring about a close to a terrible set of events.

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