We at TREMG love spotlighting rising and underappreciated talent to give underground creators a platform and the recognition they deserve. But while we love a good monthly roundup, there’s so much great music coming out on a weekly basis that we wanted to share even more. And artists like Jackson Wang and Ashley Cooke were killing it this week! Here’s what you may have missed over the past few days.

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March was a huge month for music, and as we enter April, we’ll be reflecting on the incredible new releases we’ve gotten while also gearing up for what this month will bring. Our monthly roundup series made a return to highlight the latest and greatest from artists like BENEE, Julia Bhatt, and Yot Club, so be sure to check that out right here. We also took a look at how women in rock are making a name for themselves while encouraging others to use their own voices!

New Signings

Congratulations to the incredible Ashley Cooke, who just signed a record deal with Big Loud Records and Back Blocks Music! She’ll be working with both labels to release her future music and connect with her audience in ways like never before. And naturally, the best way to celebrate is with a new single. Her new track, “Never Til Now,” is a collab with Brett Young that describes an adorable romance neither of them can get enough of.

From the second I walked into Big Loud, it felt like home. They met me where I was, recognizing all I had built independently while also showing me how they could pour gasoline on the fire that had already started. Getting to partner with not only Big Loud but also my champion since day 1, Rakiyah Marshall/Back Blocks, is an absolute dream team and I couldn’t be more excited and confident to be joining the roster.

Ashley Cooke

New Singles

TREMG favorite Lilyisthatyou asserts boundaries and takes the reins on her own life with “ALL ABOUT ME,” an energetic declaration of her confidence and focus on her own vision and perspective. In a world where women who believe in themselves are labeled as “self-centered” or “arrogant,” Lily is creating a subgenre of empowering pop where she calls all the shots and refuses to let someone else tell her who to be.

This song is about how it is important to be selfish, how if you do not put yourself first, the world will eat you alive. But, wow, it is so hard, so hard to believe you deserve good things, good people, healthy communication, boundaries… but you do, and so do I.


Warning: The lyric video below contains flashing images – viewer discretion is advised for people with photosensitivity. 

Jackson Wang enters a triumphant new era of his career with “Blow,” an alluring pop-rock track that sees him pursuing a relationship that may or may not leave him heartbroken in the end. The high energy of the song perfectly reflects the thrill that the romance gives him, and fans of Got7 will love getting to know this new side of a member they’ve already adored. We could totally see this song fitting on your playlist for a fun night out with friends!

If you aren’t already in love with the sonic world that Karley Scott Collins has created, let “Tattoos” be a surreal introduction to her artistry and distinctive voice! She debuted with “Heavenly” earlier this year and has now joined the Sony Music Nashville family, getting her one step closer to the country superstardom she deserves. Every lyric of “Tattoos” is breathtaking, describing how someone in Karley’s life left a permanent impact on her, even though she “never wanted tattoos.” The imagery is so strong and Karley’s unique vision is even stronger – we’re confident her future releases will build on the vulnerability and honesty she offers here.

Though Sabrina Claudio dropped her latest single, “Better Version,” on March 24th, she gave a stunning live performance for The Eye this week that’s simply beautiful and gives the song a reinvented atmosphere. Her already amazing, slinky pop track becomes a more soulful, haunting ode to the version of a lover she created in her head while idealizing reality. Her voice rings out more elegantly than ever in this stripped-back version of the song and we can’t get enough. 

New Merchandise

Kesha closed out her birthday month with a fun birthday merch collection, complete with six pieces in awesome colors and designs! From sweatshirts and long-sleeves to t-shirts and socks, there’s definitely something you’ll love in this line. And prices range from $19.99 to $69.99, so there’s an affordable option for every budget. Go get your Rainbow on!

(c) Merch Traffic

In a different vein, Katy Perry is bringing back Katy Perry Collections with more creative control than ever! Their latest shoe line is whimsical yet chic at the same time, including fun elements like rainbows and seashells while offering sleek silhouettes that you can wear to the beach, family gatherings, work, and anywhere else you need the perfect eye-catching shoe. Some of our favorite options include the gingham Golden Pump and the adorable strawberry-accented Kerry!

I am happily ready to fully step into this new chapter of 100 percent owning and operating Katy Perry Collections. Spring is my favorite season, when everything starts to breathe again, especially your tootsies. These light and bright styles will help you celebrate the season in full bloom.

Katy Perry
(c) Katy Perry Collections

Live Events

Have “The Feels” for TWICE but didn’t get to catch them on their sold-out tour earlier this year? You might have another chance! The girls are coming back to America for their first-ever stadium show, playing at the Banc of California Stadium in Los Angeles. So go binge all your favorite TWICE songs then head right here to pick up your tickets on April 6th!

Looking for a “Marvelous” show? Then you can’t miss Wallows when they tour the US this spring. They just dropped their sophomore album, Tell Me When It’s Over, and they’re celebrating with fans across the country with their incredible shows. Their performance of “Marvelous” on Jimmy Kimmel Live shows off all the best aspects of their energetic live sets, and once you watch it, you’ll be pumped to buy your Wallows tour tickets right here.

Warning: The performance video below contains flashing images – viewer discretion is advised for people with photosensitivity.

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